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Country United States
State South Dakota
City Sioux Falls
Address 2312 S. Valley View Road

CenterWorkshop Reviews

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  • Dec 9, 2016

Beware. This ad came up on my Facebook feed for a company selling canvas artwork. They show it beautifully hanging on a wall in the photos. I order this wall art as a Christmas gift for my husband and what I received came from China 2 weeks later. It was a roll of canvas papers with blurry copied photos printed on the cheap canvas. I immediately write the company because there is no phone number to reach anyone. They ask me to send them photos of the photos. I took all the photos required trying to get a refund for this cheap piece of crap and they reply telling me "it's not that bad". Are you serious? Not that bad??? Why would I spend $62 on a photo that was "not that bad" meanwhile this photo was so blurry and aweful and it has a disgusting smell of chemicals. I have tried multiple times reaching out to them only via email because apparently there is no phone number and I've asked to speak to someone by phone but I keep getting ignored.

Now it seems as though they stopped responding to me. On their website it states 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Well I am no where near satisfied and they haven't offered me even an exchange. They have offered me nothing and all they respond with is that it's not that bad. I also used PayPal to pay and they will not refund my money after disputing the transaction they closed the complaint. The payment also went to a man by the name of Luu Haan not Center Workshop as they have called themselves on their website. This was a complete scam. Please do not do business with this man. He is a theif. And I know they are in China because I only get responses while I am sleeping in the US.

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  • Jan 27, 2017

I made an Order with for a large set of HD prints. Their website claims to ship within 5 business days, but to allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. I waited 4 weeks before I first contacted them via Thierry support email address. I waited 10 days and received nothing from them. I sent another email stating if I did not get a reply within 10 days I would seek a refund through PayPal. It has been 6 days since that email, and I googled to see if others had this same problem. I can honestly say I wasn't surprised to find other people having the same problem as myself. It's sickening all the speech about being a family oriented company on their website. What a horrible way to treat people. I just hope that since my order status says unfulfilled that I can get my money back through PayPal.

  • Jan 3, 2017

On December 10th the ad for centerworkshop showed up on facebook. They were offering all these cool wall prints of The Lord of The Rings movies. So I checked it out. The website looked good, The return policy etc all looked good so I ordered one for my son. Thinking it would get here by Christmas. Shipping info said international it would take about 2 weeks but domestic 4 days! I received an email from them, just a system generated one saying my puchase had been accepted and I would be notified when my oroduct shipped. It also said shipping would would be domestic so I wad thrilled. But I never received another email. I emailed the support email, I filled in the "contact us" message email on their site. I have sent alteast 6 emails and not one response. When I sign in one their site to check status my order says unfulfilled yet I have received no response or refund. I am going to have to go to my bank to file a fraud claim. Do Not Buy From This Company!

  • Dec 21, 2016


I ordered 3 weeks ago, have not received shipment and my card has been charged. I cannot reach anyone via email.

  • Dec 21, 2016

They haven't even started my order and still took my money. I have no way to reach them and they do not answer my emails.

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