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Center City Holdings LLC

Country United States
State Colorado
City Colorado Springs
Address 6 North Tejon St # 100
Phone (719) 445-5050

Center City Holdings LLC Reviews

  • Nov 6, 2015

The lawyers and real estte group set up schemes and scams to steal from the Estate of Christopher Norman Tulin.

The lawyers churned legal fees for over two years for a simple uncontested will. The assets were drained literally to fund the perpatrators. The biggest scam was for false cam charges generated by The O'Neil Groups "financial analyist" that at one point was said to be over $700,000! This was fraud.

The Landmark cases of Thrifty Payless and River Island decided by the California Supreme Court and Court of Appeals state that when these future interest charges are not disclosed on the letter of intent, or to the rentor, then demand later outrageous figures the is fraud.

The estate lawyer failed to argue the case as Dr.Tulin was under extreme duress from the hostile takeover of his medical practice by Catholic Health Initiatives.

After Dr. Tulin passed, Ron Voss and the O'Neil Group concocted a scheme to steal the equity in Dr. Tulin's widow's home.

The widow asked the probate judge for an evidentiary hearing on the merits of the case to prove fraud, but was told to go back to litigation. The churning of legal fees was over $94,000 for nothing! The attorneys would constantly make unnecessary phone calls and visit for hours. Nothing "legal" was ever accomplished.

The widow will ask for a "void order" that renders the court ordre and lien against the widow's home of 18 years illegal and invalid. Any orders on claims that are fraudulent are fraud. The estate lost over 3/4 of the assets to these individuals. All crimes and evidence was sent to Colorado's governor, Senators, FBI, CBI, and soon will go to attorney regulation.

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