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Country United States
State California
City Fullerton
Address 1375 S Acacia Ave
Phone 800-871-6926
Website Reviews

  • Oct 23, 2018

Andrew Lipiansky ordered a cell phone screen protector, and they wouldn't show him how much shipping would be until after the order was complete. Shipping wound up being by far the majority of the cost. Andrew couldn't find anywhere on their site a link to cancel orders, so Andrew wrote their customer service, saying he wanted to cancel his order, givinghis reason, and telling them they've got a very dishonest way of doing business. As if to prove Andrew's point, they responded that they would reduce the shipping cost. He wrote back, "uh, no... I want to cancel the order." They ignored that and the next email. So much for the thirty-day cancelation policy they claim to go by on their website. Lipiansky couldn't cancel within 24 hours! Do not order from these guys. We've since found tons of reviews recounting experiences similar to his.

  • Jun 1, 2018


  • May 12, 2018

Feb 8, 2018 I tried to place an order that totalled $51.48 but their was a problem with their computer & I was unable to complete it. So I placed a 2nd order that went through fine. When I looked at my bank account the next morning I found I was charged for 2 orders. I tried everyway imaginable to contact them but wasn't successful. Their computer kept going in circles & "Sorry, we couln't find this page. Several days later I was able to access their "RMA" but never received their approval to return the item. Feb 20, 2018, the next business day after the package was received by me, I wrote "RETURN TO SENDER" on it and handed to my mailman. I got a response when I posted this on Facebook & have texts that it would be corrected. On April 20, 2018, the "Chat" bubble was finally operable & I REACHED A HUMAN BEING for the first time on their website. I was told that the package was never received by them & I needed to file a lost claim with the Post Office because the Post Office just stores "RETURN TO SENDER" packages & isn't in a hurry to return them. This company practices "NO CUSTOMER SERVI E" and doesn't care about repeat business. They preys on new ignorant new customers like me. I will never do business with this company again and for this small amount it isn't worth taking legal action.

  • Feb 24, 2018

Cellular Outfitters post on their website they offer 100% refund if not satisfied with your product. They also say free shipping but then after I put my items thru my paypal account, they charged me shipping that was more than what the items cost. I received the wrong items and they refused to refund my money. First I ordered a phone case and charger. I then reordered just a case and after a couple days I noticed the paint coming off of the case and the black color coming thru what was supposed to be a brown leather case for my cell phone. They do not have a phone number to contact them that I could find to actually speak to a representative. They only allow you to send them a message and then they do not respond. They refused to refund my money. Their website will send you in circles with answers but you are not able to really get in contact with anyone. I should had looked at their reviews before I made the first purchase. There are so many people with the same complaints. Getting ripped off with the wrong items, no refunds, over charging, and this case was advertised as a leather case. Looked nice like brown leather and like I stated within a couple days the outter paint started rubbing off. It now looks dirty but it is the black coming thru. What a waste of money. I will never purchase anything from them again and definitely let my family and friends know they are a lousy business and false advertising. They will not even give you an address to mail back the items for a refund. They just posted on the website order, no refund! But at the top of their website it states clearly 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied! What a crock! I tried to post a picture but it won't allow me to post it. Says file too large!

  • Nov 8, 2017

I have emailed this company 4 times, called twice. I have gotten no response at all. Their website shows no address for returns or how to go through the process. I was sent the wrong items and I want to return these and get a full refund.

  • Nov 6, 2017

September 10, 2017 I returned order # 203054451 & 203023112 with exchange request for both orders. On September 27, I rec’d email confirmation for both returns. Today is November 4, 2017 and I have never rec’d my replacement products, a refund to my bank account, or been able to talk to a human. I have copies of all emails to and from the company. I am a senior adult living on social security and their prices were appealing but their customer service is terrible. To some $57 may not seem like very much but I live on $806.00 a month. I can’t afford to pay someone to help me and I can’t afford to give up.

  • Oct 14, 2017

I ordered 2 cellphone cases, one was a Dream Catcher in grey and the other one was a Teal Hummingbird one with a free stylus pen. When I got my order the package was opened and only the Dream Catcher case was in it. I paid with my Debit card and they took my money alright. I tried to email them several times and today I get this stupid form letter that I have been hand picked out of millions to receive a 40% discount towards my next order. There will not be another order I promise you. I told them I was giving them till the end of tonight then I was going to the media to report them so no one else would get ripped off like I had been.

  • Sep 23, 2017

I have dealt with this company for several years with few minor problems and was corrected by customer service. My most recent order items were left out but no credit fir them was reflected on my account. I attempted to contact customer service through phone, email, even their Facebook page. After several weeks no response as they promised within to business days. Still waiting....never thought they was that kind of rip off

  • Sep 18, 2017

When placing an order they do not tell you want shipping fees are. Upon completion of your order the confirmation shows you shipping charges that are equal to 30% of your order. I immediately tried to cancel my order but they did not contact me back. I phoned and nothing. I sent several emails and it took 3 days to hear back and they offered me a 6 dollar refund on shipping. I once again tried to cancel my order. The next day items began to arrive without any notice items had shipped etc. I will be returning everything and also disputing the charges on my card which they also charged twice for the same order. Ridiculous company. You can get the same items for less and free shipping by using amazon and that isn ot even with amazon prime. This company does not communicate and offers a 90 day money back guaranty on their website but of course do not allow you to cancel and order. They are thieves

  • Aug 31, 2017

I have been fighting this company for three months and I only ordered a wristlet that would hold my cell phone.

My order was confirmed but with the wrong address. The company told me to call the post office. I have they could not do anything. I then have been charged again to send it to the correct address and STILL have not recieved the wristlet. I did recieve the screen protector, not the one I ordered. I have yet to recieve the wristlet that they are now saying they are out of. POS company

  • Aug 24, 2017

On July 5th I placed an order with Cellular Outfitter. I ordered 6 leather wallet phone cases. They were all extremely small. I tried several times to contact these people, and every time I contact them the wait time on the line is extremely long, even in the morning after waiting for almost an hour on the phone their phone lines will cut off and say that they're closed even at 10:30 in the morning. I've also sent them email messages to contact me back regarding my purchase they will not do it. I've even contacted my bank and let them know and when they made their investigation they verify that they sent my merchandise as ordered. So my my bank close their investigation. I still have the wrong merchandise they will not answer their phones is like their ghost people. And I would like to return their merchandise and I would like my money back.

  • Jun 24, 2017

on 05/17/2017 i ordered one cell phone case and one screen protector. since that time whenever i tried to check my order status it would show "in process". their web site has a "contact us" area. i sent numerous requests for status with no replies. i googled them and tried calling every phone number i found and got either no answer or the call went to voice mail. i finally got frustrated and started contacting the police in my home town as well as in fullerton ca. i also filed a complaint with the FBIs' internet crime center (IC3). as soon as we filled that complaint we finally got an e-mail from cellulr outfitter to let us know that they could ot fill our order. for every one else looking for cell phone accessories do not consider this company. they also advertise on

  • Jun 9, 2017

I went to cellular site to order cellphone items after seeing good reviews. I typed in Moto G 4th gen in search box for the phone type to order items. Site had Moto G regular items listed and they were ordered by mistake. I have tried many many times to email and to file return forms to get a RMA slip to enclose with items to be returned to never get a response or email back with a slip to print and return. I have called their CA business twice and only get a recording with no return calls. BAD for business.

Jane at support@cellularoutfitters sent me an email stating to fill forms again and get a RMA slip, which she sent to me over a week ago and still nothing. I need to return items and get a correct size exchange or a full refund which they do not want to do.

The items I received are usless and will not fit the phone. I have all the emails in my folder that I sent and the only reply email from Jane, which was helpless. My total was $29.98 and feel this company is a RIP OFF and I need a FULL REFUND.

  • May 25, 2017

I placed an order with Cellular Outfitters online. I ordered three items. I didn't get a total until the order confirmation came to my email! I Never would have paid $9.97 for shipping on a $14.00 order. They stated on their site that the products I ordered would leave the warehouse that day. They Did Not! My order was sent from two separate warehouses according to my confirmation and it took 10 days to receive my screen protectors that Did Not fit! Their phone system doesn't work so I emailed them. I was told I would receive a refund on part of my order and Did Not!! Now they won't answer my emails and have accessories that do nor for my phone. It seems as if there are enough dissatisfied customers here giving poor reviews and that have been ripped off by this company that I am going to look into filling a class action lawsuit. Despicable how they have ripped me off!

  • May 2, 2017

I ordered a cell phone car charger yesterday for $7.99. They showed no shipping charges. I checked out with PayPal and in more than one place it showed Total $7.99 and Grand Total $7.99. Nowhere did it show any other charges. Then when I got the confirmation email from PayPal for $17.98 I was shocked to see they had charged $9.99 to ship this item!! I immediately contacted them to cancel & they say its already sent & they'll refund $4. I said NO!! They are Scammers!!

  • Mar 21, 2017

I ordered a case for​my cellphone. Only after I placed my order were shipping charges added. To me this I out and out fraud. Google lists this as a "trusted seller". Shame on you Google.

  • Feb 13, 2017

Soooo, I ordered 3 new screen protectors and a new cable. Cable seems OK, but all three screen protectors absolutely refused to stick to the phone!!! This is not the first time I did this, previous protectors were bought directly at Verizon and I had absolutely NO problem putting them on! Since Verizon doesn't stock them any more, I bought from this VERY questionable seller! Well, what a whoop-jazz failure that was! No matter how carefully I put them on, they would not adhere to the surface - which is PRISTINE and clean with no scratches or even a hint of dirt!!!!!

So, I threw out the screen protector I had on there, all three bought from Cellular Outfitter are not working, I'm out a ton of money for something so little and I am totally not amused! To say nothing about insanely and indecently shipping charge - $13.95 from CA to AZ! I will never ever ever again even go to their website, let alone buy anything! Disgusting, poor business practice, shoddy merchandise! thieves and liars - stay away!

  • Dec 5, 2016

Placed online order. They quickly acknowdeged, but with ADDED $8 shippping. I immediately wrote back and said to cancel, due to the surprise shipping charges.

I've done so nearly every day siince. No one responds!

Now, about a week later, they notified me that they are Shipping and charging the full amount with the ship cost add-on!

  • Nov 3, 2016

How old are the cell phone I probably 10 days ago and said that it was 1199 I put in my card it said nothing about shipping and handling so later on that night I see that I paid $8 just let you handle it and they had to wait until they're pretty much within the hour and then wait and wait and wait and then I'll call them because they never did send me an order number or tracking number and then so I feel little bit better when they gave it to me and told me it was in Kentucky so I figured be there in a couple days and then I get an email saying that it had the wrong address put on her so it was their error not much and then I'm contacting them and they don't try to frighten them the right address and then I'm not getting any emails back I'm getting put on hold like I'll call in and I'll sit on the phone for an hour just to get an answer machine and it's all starting to get aggravated and everything email to the three times a day and they sent me a UPS tracking number saying that would deliver to the post office then I'll contact the post office the post office said this is not a real tracking number I'll contact UPS and they said it not a real tacking number and then finally UPS look up my address info and they found out it at the warehouse so I asked cellular outfitter to contact me. I call and stay on the phone for the minimum 1 hour just to get an answer machine at the end of it . I sent three to four email just asking them to contact me. Nothing. Sent my phone number to them. Once again no response . In my email and all other message I was just asking for them to please send me my product or give me my money back and by this time and getting aggravated they didn't even care that it hurts you responding to everything and give me a big F you and then finally after all our text messages stay on the phone for hours contacting UPS to post office trying to contact Cellular Outfitters and getting nothing I get an email out of the blue and you're going to send me my money back which is not all of my money and sending me all of it except my Postage and handling which I never even used Postage and handling to ship it to the wrong address it was your mistake not mine skating ring up about this message I'm just upset I couldn't even sleep tonight and I was trying to post something on the main site and I found you and I hope that this message help somebody because my description was right on the money. How these people still in in business somebody need to call the Better Business Bureau on these people and get them look at because it's not a real business.

  • Jul 7, 2016

“This company looks good upfront but I was shocked to see what happened in the checkout screen(s) and the subsequent customer service call. I placed an order using a coupon code. Subtotal of items purchased was $110.65...with applied discount; the order dropped down to $69.17. GREAT right?!

WRONG! When prompted to pick a shipping option, there were three options; snail mail (USPS First Class 4-10 business days), a medium speed option, and an express option. All options except the express option were NOT given the price for...The express option was nearly $80! I obviously opted for the snail mail...whose price was not listed. Now it is important to say that I am literally only an hour away with traffic from this company's close I could drive there and pick up my order. Also, it is important that I note that to get to the NEXT screen in checkout I HAD TO PICK a shipping option that was not listed. The next screen was literally the "THANK YOU...YOUR CARD HAS BEEN CHARGED," page. So there was NO WAY TO see shipping fee of lesser speed.

Once charged; the price was listed as $69.97!!!! WTF?! That is insane. Just robbery if you ask me.

At that price, my discount of $41.48 was wiped out and was even MORE than the items itself.

It was time to call into the customer service line...NOT GOOD! I waited exactly 16 mins to talk to an agent, "Tyrone" came on and offered no explanation of the HIDDEN/BLIND shipping charge, just said that, " was too much..." and placed me on a five minute hold to (presumably) talk to a manager about my complaint. Once back he DID offer an apology and told me that he could cut the shipping in half at around $34 bucks. STILL, that is insane. I asked him if the items were coming from China but was told no. He then placed me on another hold...blindly, without asking. When he came back he asked me what I wanted to accomplish by making my call. I told him that I felt that a box this size and weight (it could be no more than one box at 5 lbs) should be at around $15-$20. He placed me on yet another BLIND hold, did not ask to put me on another one...and came back and said sorry. Please feel free to come back to us with the offer of $34 shipping, but I will cancel this order. This was followed by yet ANOTHER long hold (call was 30 mins in total).

I am shocked and GLAD that he ended up cancelling the order as I did not feel that this was a legitimate company. Either way; POOR customer service agents (at least Tyrone) employed, and SHIPPING SCAM CENTRAL! Buyer Beware! FOR THE RECORD: Let customers know you are gonna put them on hold! It's only professional. AND ALWAYS disclose the shipping costs BEFORE charging credit card! I wonder how many people do not call and question their practice on shipping charge disclosure. ”

  • Apr 28, 2016

I ordered an iPhone cover on my first purchase with no problems. They then sent an e-mail offering 30% my second order. I placed the order and never received the 30% off. I e-mailed them several times and received no replies. I e-mailed the better business also and ever received any answer from them either.

  • Mar 24, 2016

Order #200764275 missing item and misleading charges with no customer service reply ever. Spent numerous days emailing to no return answer. They owe me one (1) item: CCA-UNI-DUAL-10 and they overcharged me shipping by about $7. This relatively speaking is not a lot of money. I'm on these folks due their unprofessionalism. Thanks for reading.

  • Mar 11, 2016

These people have not shipped my order within 24 hrs. as their website indicate. Order placed 3-4-16 8:04 a.m. EST I got order confirmation. Today is Thurs. 3-10-16 1:38 p.m., and according to USPS's website, "Pre-shipment Info. Sent to USPS: The U. S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on 3-10-16 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS of the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if/when available."

My order wasn't large; just a case and screen protectors. What is the problem? They can't even fulfill a small order with what they claim on their website of within 24 hrs. I want my items before the screen gets scratched up on the phone; let alone the sensitivity of it that I drop it without the protection of the case I ordered to help protect it. They mention "call them", yet they don't provide a number with which to call them. Needless to say, I will not order from them again, and I'm escalating this to the BBB, and any other entity to let people know what they're doing. They didn't have a problem collecting the $ immediately, but they take their own time to produce and deliver products. I'm going to the competitor for anything else I need for it. If they're not going to mail it, they need to refund me my money now. I have copies of everything. Order number: 200728214 Shipment # 200547783 is what they emailed to me

  • Mar 10, 2016

I ordered products totaling $7.88. After (and not before) clicking to complete the order a shipping charge of $13.97 appeared! I attempted to cancel the order but was told it was too late, and that I could arrange a return. When I called to do that (waiting more than 30 minutes for a phone pick-up), I was offered a $5.99 refund on shipping top my PayPal account, which I accepted. The refund has not happened despite numerous attempts to contact customer service.

  • Jan 18, 2016

On 1-8-2016 I ordered a cell phone case from Cellular Outfitters, it offered a $25% discount which I did not receive.

On 10-13-16 I began calling after I could not track my order, when I tried it stated "Order not found", I attempted to call no less than 3 times and it always had me on a hold which after 10 minutes went to full mailbox cannot complete call.

The funds have been taken from my card but no order has been received. I want a refund. I have reported them to the BBB where you will see other complaiants. Do not order from this company!

  • Jan 7, 2016

I cancelled my order to them within hours of placing it and did not hear back from them. I send them various emails and they never responded to any of them. I just received the order. When i placed the order it said no shipping cost and was charged one.

  • Jan 5, 2016

On Facebook was an ad by cellular outfiiters for a leather wallet complete with screen saver for Samsung Galaxy S6, including free stylus and ballpoint pen. Total charge was $10.96 on 12/25/2015. I charged it to paypal credit and it was cancelled without any reason given. The very same night, another charge was made for $23.00 plus change. I don't know what that charge is for as my item, complete with shipping and handling was on a special deal for the stated $10.96. The color purple was all that was offered but because it was leather and a wallet as well, I thought it was a good deal. After the initial charge of $18.55 rather than $10.96 was cancelled by them and this new charge placed, well, I should be receiving 2-3 of the leather wallets. All they cost, supposedly, was $8.98 plus $1.99 shipping and handling. I really wonder if I am going to receive anything leather or anything at all. I noticed these charges tonight 1-3-2016 and immediately looked up a phone number from my paypal credit summary and attempted calling the. After waiting approximately 25 minutes due tp high call volume, I received a message to leave a voicemail, which I did. Also e-mailed them-no response yet.

  • Dec 30, 2015

I placed an order with CELLULAR OUTFITTER on Dec.21, 2015 because they were giving me 40% off and free shipping. I ordered about 10-15 items, and after my discounts my bill was $28.00. Great deal?? So I thought!!

The next day, I receive and email stating that my order had been "revised" I thought, maybe they were sold out of an item I ordered..NOT! They had charged my credit card an additional $30.00. They stated it was for shipping charges. First of all, the shipping charges were not on my invoice when I paid, not to mention, how are they going to place charges on MY credit card?? I would NEVER had ordered if I knew up front of these charges and still cannot get anyone to respond or answer me as to why this happened.

I have made several attempts through email (3) and have made several calls only to be placed on hold or the phone just disconnects...

They also state that your order leaves the warehouse within one day....This is sooo not true. I ordered on 12/21 and it is now 12/29 There is no tracking information and the website states that my order is being proceessed..

At first, I only wanted them to take the extra illegal charge that they had placed without my consent, but now, I feel as if they owe me more..I do not mind at all paying for my things, go through all this aggravation and frustration, they should make me a happy, returning customer, if thats still even possible for me..

I cannot find any information about this company, looking for corporate office, location, anything other than what is given online. I will not stop until I am satisfied or until everyone knows what type of business and/or customer service this place offers..

I have $59.00 tied up with them, which was only suppose to be $28, but I need my money...If they cannot help me, I WANT ALL OF MY MONEY BACK ASAP!!!

  • Dec 11, 2015

I just called the so-called "Customer Service" at about my EXTREMELY delayed order (# 200450843) and found out I was charged $13.72 for 1st Class shipping, which costs only $3.50 from CA and told her I should get a partial shipping refund because I got ripped and she argued with me about it and did not have ANY apologetic stance whatsoever. It is not possible to know what they will charge for shipping when you load your cart and when you check out through Paypal, until AFTER you have already authorized them the extract the funds. Then.. ..WHAMMY! $13.72 for a few small items that could be sent in a $5 USPS FLAT RATE ENVELOPE!!! I will NEVER buy from this or any other website that is advertised on the ebay page because they are deceptive and non-customer-friendly once they gouge you out of 4 x the ACTUAL shipping cost for the SLOWEST possible shipping method. They LIE, LIE AND LIE on the website that ALL orders are shipped out of their warehouse WITHIN 24 HOURS!! RIGHT!! And I am Santa Claus!!! My order was placed on Dec. 1, so, therefore I SHOULD have rec'd it by Sat. Dec.5 at the latest IF it were shipped when they say and for what I was charged for just 5 SMALL phone covers. It could even have been sent USPS Priority Flat rate for only $5.05 It was not shipped, however, until Dec. 8 ! and is STILL slowly making its way, but is STILL in Compton, CA as of today Dec. 10!! What a sham company!!

  • Oct 5, 2015

I placed an order with this company back on September 25th and still have not received the order i Purchased with my credit card. Iv done everything I possibly can to contact this company and still they have not responded to anymore of my requests to find out where and why this order hasnt been shipped to me. I should have received this order a week ago and still nothing has shown up. Im tired of this company does business and Im trying to do something about it. They apparently don't give a crap about there customers or they would respondto peoples email or try to contact them in some way. Im officially filing a complaint with the BBB and Im going to also file a Complaint with the OHIO States Attorney General's office. Im exausted trying to find out why this order is still processing when in reality it should have been shipped a long time ago. I mean this is very Pathetic that this company is even allowed to still be in business. We are customers have to stand up for our rights by speaking up and saying how we ourselves have been treated. We have to stand up for our rights and hold these lousy companies accountable for there actions. Iv emailed them about this order about 8 times and still no one seems to want to respond to my emails. Surely there are others out there who have had the same problems. We can not sit by and let this company or any others continue to do business in this manor. It sets a horrible example for businesses out there who are trying very hard to uphold good business pratices. We must hold these companies to the highest of standards or don't even use them at all.I would strongly encourage people to not use this company in any manor of business. You do not deserves the stress of this and you don't want to have to deal with them as I have on my own order. They actually over charged me for shipping of one item. My shipping fee's were more than the item itself. The seem to have some real issues that reach far and wide that they cant seem to resolve by reaching out to there customers. Without customers like us, these companies wouldnt be in business. I can 100% assure you that I will never buy anything else from this company. I will absolutely never send anyone to there site. I will be speaking shortly about this on my facebook page. I will tell people to not buy from this company because they will overcharge them and they may or may not ever get the items they purchased. I could care less about these freaking discounts that they offer. It means nothing to me. WHat does mean something is good business. This company doesnt' seem to understand that. Im going to file a transaction dispute with my credit card company. Im going to notify the BBB about this case. As I said previously, I plan on contacting the Ohio States Attorney General's office about this company as well. You to can do that if you believe a company has done you wrong. If I could give this company a seller Rating, I would give them a Zero on a 1-5 scale. They don't even deserve a 1 for sure.

  • Sep 2, 2015

Ordered 2 screen protectors they were $3.98 total. There was no shipping price. At checkout the total was $3.98. When I received my recipte from pay pal a few min later the price was $11.97. I called immediately to question price. They wanted an order number, which I didn't have and didn't receive one in email either. I wanted to cancel my order they found it quickly, then went into a script offering to cut my shipping 60%. I told them screen protector s could be mailed with a stamp. Almost 8$ was absured. They dropped it 80%. My new total is $5.58. I have there number and a note about this. Ill update if there is any problems with delivery or they do not refund the amount I was told. They tried to tell me there we're bullets on the side explaining shipping. I didn't see any when I confirmed order. I think there might've been an approximate cost or something, but 2 CELL phone screen protectors wiegh almost nothing. So please beware. Try and pay with something you can check amount actually charged. Or you might not notice it till your bill comes in.

  • Aug 1, 2015

Unable to see shipping charges until order was completed (that should have been the first alert). All items I received was of very low quality made in China. I paid $17.93 (S&H charges) for items totaling $28.93. I am keeping 2 items totaling $6.98 and I have to pay fo the returns. I guess I am the loser on this order. Save your money & order from .

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