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Case western reserve university

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone (216) 368-2000

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  • Jul 8, 2018

Prof. Neil s greenspan is the face of the company. Aaron greenspan and his judy keene greenspan and neil s greenspan run plainsite.Org plainsite. They also run keene promotions and neil greenspan is a professor at case western reserve university. They use simon greenspan and their money maker and as a tax right off. In 2010 the think computer foundation received 250k in donations. I'm working on getting the irs forms after 2010. Aaron greenspan is hurting minorities in the america. Judy greenspan told me to go back to mexico. In the america the white you are the more you get away with being a com artist. Aaron greenspan is very white and outed many illegals who have been in america for 20 years and are being deported back to mexico.

Its so sad how an educated dr like neil greenspan has hurt so many family's .

10900 euclid ave, cleveland, oh 44106

Case western reserve university

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