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Carter E MD

Country United States
State Virginia
City Springfield
Address 8348 Traford Ln
Phone 703-569-8731

Carter E MD Reviews

  • Mar 27, 2017

***DR EDWIN CARTER IS THE GREEDIEST PERSON ON EARTH AND WILL TAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM YOU, SCAM YOU, NOT PERFORM SERVICES, LIE LIE LIE AND SHOULD BE IMPRISONED*** Maybe it is because he is now very old and senile Maybe it is because he is an obese man driving a tiny Porsche Maybe he senses his mortality Maybe he feels pressure for funding his kids education, a kid in med school and a kid in law school Whatever the reason, there's no excuse for lies lies lies He takes thousands of dollars Never ever ever ever give services promised Pretends Never shows up Never return alls, emails, texts Hides behind his staff and bills you and your insurance ***DOUBLE BILL FRAUD SCHEME FOR YEARS AND YEARS AFTER TALKING WITH OTHER PATIENTS IN HIS WAITING ROOM, WE HAVE DISCOVERED*** ***HE IS A FAT, OLD, GREEDY TOTALLY BITTER AND VINDICTIVELY MAN WHO LIES EVERY BREATHE HE TAKES HE NEEDS TO RETIRE AND NEEDS TO TAKE AWAY HIS LICENSE***

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