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Carolyn Tobia

Country United States
State Vermont
City Peru
Address 1056 North Road

Carolyn Tobia Reviews

  • Jan 27, 2021

This is about Carolyn Tobia in Vermont.

Carolyn Estela Tobia aka Carolyn Tobia is a nurse who runs a famous OnlyFans page. She scammed me out of $50, 000 saying she needed it to pay bills. She's on onlyfans and we started chatting and I ended up sending her $50, 000 over 4 months. She said she was getting an inheritance and would pay me back but never did. She ghosted me and now I have no money and am about to be evicted because of Carolyn Tobia.

I did some research on Carolyn Tobia and found that her dad and mom are cons so I guess it runs in the family.

The purpose of this is to prevent anyone else from getting scammed by Carolyn Tobia. If Carolyn asks you for money and promises to pay you back don't do it. Hopefully this appears on google to stop you form getting conned by Carolyn Tobia.

-Carolyn Tobia

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