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Car Monkeys

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Wyckoff
Address 393 Crescent Ave
Phone 888-822-2839

Car Monkeys Reviews

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  • Dec 5, 2017

I recently ordered a used part from The sales representative who helped me initially was pleasant and helped me get my order placed with no issues. I informed him that my order was time sensitive as I needed the part for my mechanic so that it could be replaced and the truck operational in time for me to use it to visit a rental property with planned upates scheduled for the folowing week. He informed me that it usually takes 2-3 business days to ship once they have it on a truck and that it would be loaded on a truck the following day. I re-iterated my need for the delivery, and asked him specifically when the latest it would be delivered by would be. He let me know that they do not deliver on Saturdays, so if it didn't get to me by Friday it would be there on Monday "AT THE LATEST." He also informed me that I would be getting an email containing a tracking number once the part had shipped.

Monday comes, and no emailed shipping notification, no part delivered to my mechanic. After FINALLY getting someone to answer their phone (they play some elevator music briefly before the phone disonnects maybe 15-20 times before you finally get through to them), I ask about my part and give them my order number. The representative on the phone tells me it's not even on a truck yet and won't be here this week. I tell him that's unacceptable and that I specifically ordered from CarMonkeys even though there were other options tee'd up because they committed to getting the part to my mechanic by Monday "at the latest." The representative, now changing his tone, tells me there's no way they would have said that and says all he can do is issue a refund for the product and cancel the order.

I let him know that I don't want that, I just want to speak to the original representative who ensured me my part would be delivered on schedule. He then goes on to tell me that he can't do that, and that he's the manager there so there's no one I could talk to above him and that he's reading the transcript from my previous calls and they never said it would be delivered at the time I'm saying. I ask for a copy of that transcript and he refuses saying they are for their use only. I tell him that I would like them in order to include them in my contact of the Better Business Bereau and for the online review websites upon which I plan to share my experience with the company. He then gets incredibly upset, tells me he is cancelling my order because it's in the best interest of the company not to do a transaction with someone threatening to post negative reviews about them. I tell him I don't wish to have my order canceled, and ask him is he is telling me he is refusing me service even though I have already submitted an order and paid for the part, and he says yes, that my order is already seeming like a problematic order and they don't want to sell it to me.

At this point, I recap what is happening for this "manager," that he is selectively canceling my order because of the possibility I might make a negatively slanted review of my experience dealing with the company. He tells me to hold, and leaves me with the elevator music for 10 minutes. When he gets back on the line he very shortly says delivery of my order is estimated to be here no earlier than next week. When I ask if there is an estimated time that it will be here no LATER than, he said no. I then asked, "so it will be here no earlier than next Monday, and no later than any time into the future, say a year?" He said yes. Great, thanks for that very specific range of delivery dates. At some point in the conversation he tried to validate the position he was taking to refuse me service by telling me they "are a publicly traded company," and if I wanted to go to the Better Business Bureau to go ahead. I looked them up, they trade Over The Counter for a little less than $0.03/share as of this post. If that doesn't scream reputable big business, what does?

Overall, a really, really poor customer service experience. Zero commitment to accurately estimating delivery service. It wouldn't shock me at this point if once I get the part from them (within a year) that it's faulty and I'm having to deal with them again to excercise the warranty claim option. I'm sure that will be a joyous process.

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  • Feb 1, 2019

Terrible company

I paid 1280$ for an engine for an old truck i have on 1/18/19 and didn't receive it until 2/1/19 with bare minimum tracking information. When it arrived at my house it had rust and i realized it was missing the exhaust manifolds and the timing belt cover which is a big deal, so i called carmonkeys and they said "Its a thirty year old engine what do you expect" I said i expected to get everything i paid for. They said the best they can do is send for a pickup and re-ship it out. Definitely will NOT recommend.

  • Aug 5, 2017

I used to get my engine information to purchase a Transmission by using their VIN# decoder. The information looked right, make, model, 4x4 sport everything a consumer would know about their car...except it listed my engine as 4.7 L when it is actually a 5.9 L. When you select your item the picture depicts a clean part, but in reality they get the parts straight from an Auto Wrecking dealer, When the transmission was delivered, it was the wrong transmission, it had over 180,000 miles on it, it was rusted everywhere and the sensors were broken and unsuitable for install . When I called to ask how they tested it and how it could pass it with a “5 year warranty” that cost extra, they said they tested it while still in the original car (came from B&R Auto Wrecking) and no chunks came out.

When I informed them that’s VIN decoder listed my information incorrectly they said that it was my responsibility to order the correct item and didn’t take any responsibility for misleading their customers and supplying inaccurate information.

I had to return the transmission at my cost, and they are trying to charge me a 20% restock fee for the junk they delivered that was shipped back to the Wrecking yard. I am disputing all cost related to this transmission, the site is deceitful, unreliable and thieves.

  • Aug 5, 2017

I ordered a rear 3.42 gear differential and after 2 weeks recieved a 4.10. The 4.10 is a beefier diff but will not work in 4wd with the Front 3.42. Not only the wrong part but very pitted gears, the pin was actually broken off inside, extremely rusted, the pumpkin cover was cracked in a few places. They claim to check for these problems and stand behind their parts. I called and talked to Kevin and Brian. They did not believe that I received the 4.10 wanted pictures and that the wear and tear was normal. To return i would have to pay the freight and 20% restocking fee. When received they would "get back to me ". These guys were extremely condescending to me and less then helpful. If you send the wrong part, stand behind It. Make it right. I wish i had read reviews before ordering from Mischelley, Ruidoso New mexico

  • Jul 11, 2017

Ordered a transmission for a Ford F-150 Bliss quoted one week for delivery bought transmission two weeks later received wrong transmission then I had to prove that it was the wrong one by taking pictures of it they doubted it still until I showed him the bottom of the transmission which clearly stated that it was a OD I needed a C6 nevertheless they said that they would return if I could return it and get full credit or a new transmission I said I want another transmission three weeks later they tell me they can't find one for me

  • Jun 9, 2017

I need a transmission, and through my internet search, I found They appear to be on the up and up based on their web site, so I ordered a transmission from them.

I had to leave my credit card number, but it was a secure site (https://) A couple of days later I attempted to find out the shipping info, but was unable to find anything. (They later showed me where to look.) I received no email after the very first contact after my order. I did search my junk email, although since the first one was received, so I did not expect to find any at all in my junk folder, and I didn't.

I attempted to call them to speak to customer support. I was on hold for about 15 minutes before I was disconnected. I attempted to call 3 or 4 more times - with the same results every time. At this time, I did a search using the search criteria "car monkeys deceit and scam". [continued below]....

The results were overwhelming at about 3.4 million hits. (3,470,000)

I quickly became worried that I was being ripped off. Many complaints included parts still full of caked on dirt, parts not working, parts never shipped, etc. Therefore, I made a final attempt to contact them through email. I stated that because of the complete lack of communications after the initial email, I was considering having my bank hold funds from them.

Only then did I receive a response. \He person indicated he cancelled my order at that point and I will be charged for shipping to Albuquerque from New Jersey, and return shipping. He stated they use Fed-Ex for shipping.

I discussed this in detail and he indicated it had just gone out and it was returning to them and that full shipping charges were assessed by Fed-Ex.

I know a few Fed-Ex drivers and discussed the scenario with one of them. He said they would not charge that was, and that it should be closer to the distance it travelled - with was a few hundred miles at the most. AT that point, I requested a tracking number. He said that was all emailed to me already - but I already determined no emails were received after the initial one. Eventually they provided me a web link to my order - and even the tracking number was omitted from the form. It stated it was being processed, with no other details worth mentioning. However, he eventually sent me a plain document with a BOL number (Bill of Laden), which Fed-Ex does not consider tracking info. I continued asking for something to prove the shipment actually was legit, but no luck. He eventually replied with the BOL number, and said it was the tracking number, and not the BOL number - but again the format was incorrect. I did my due diligence and search for the reference on the web and on Fed-Ex's site. It was not a legitimate number for Fed-Ex whom he insisted did the shipping.

My refund was returned around the 23rd or 24th, minus over $300. Still they refused to provide any proof. Then eventually they planted another receipt for my purchase where it was said to be shipped and received a full 10 days after my order, and almost a week after my refund. This should seal the deal regarding alleged interstate fraud and conspiracy to commit interstate fraud by Car Monkeys.

  • Nov 30, 2016

I ordered a transmission for my car from this company that has the 5 year warranty. My first complaint is it took two weeks to process the payment. I called and had to wait half an hour just to get someone. When they answered i was told it was shipped out a week prior and that it would be here the next day at the latest.

Then when i got the email that had shipping details, it had only been processed an hour after i got off the phone with customer service and not shipped yet. I then had to go and pick up the transmission an hour drive away or wait another week. Still got charged the shipping.

After having the item installed by a shop, they said the internal pump was bad. So now i am sitting on hold again, but am now just over an hour wait time. I need to get this transmission swapped for one that is good but this place wont pick up the phone. I would rate this less than a star and as a complete ripoff!

  • Oct 15, 2016

I would not be surprised if this company wasn't legitimate! The manager "Brian" was just as unprofessional as his "coworker" Peter who supposedly works in the parts department ext 18 ... In the middle of coming to a resolution , Brian calls his friend / "coworker" peter on 3 way and they began to both use aggressive tones solely off me checking the status of my order. I advised him I will be leaving an online review due to them being unprofessional & requested a refund. So far I haven't received my part or refund. Upon calling back they would answer & hang the phone up w/of saying hello. Very unprofessional and I doubt if this company is legit. Please read other online reviews before deciding.

  • Jul 9, 2016

I recently ordered a used motor from CarMonkeys for a 1998 S-10. I paid almost $1200 for the motor plus another $185 for residential shipping. When the motor arrived it was caked in mud and dirt, had bent pulleys, etc. Overall it looked horrible and there is no way I could or would accept it or trust that it would actually run once I installed it, keep in mind you only have 30 days to return it. It honestly looked like it had been set outside on the ground for a couple of years before being shipped. You can find these motors from $300 to $800 almost anywhere, I ordered from CarMonkeys because they offered a 5 warranty on parts and said the motor was in “good running condition”. That is not what I received, not even close. When I called about the motor and told them I would not accept it, I then got hit with over $500 in charges to return it. So basically, once all is said and done, I just paid $500+ for nothing but a horrible experience. Their customer service did not care, said it was my fault for not accepting it (the very first thing they said) and I should have known that it would not be "perfect" since it was an old motor. I never asked for “perfect” nor did I expect it. But I did expect “good running condition”, not the condition it was in. Admittedly I got a little upset on the phone after being told it was my fault, but seriously? For $1200 you would expect a little better than what I received. Keep in mind before you buy that if you receive a POS then it will be your fault and you will still end up paying a large amount of money while ending up with nothing.

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