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Capital Area School of Practical Nursing

Country United States
State Illinois
City Springfield
Address 2201 Toronto Rd
Phone 217-585-1215

Capital Area School of Practical Nursing Reviews

  • Mar 17, 2018

I am the parent of a student who was dismissed from the school for violating their three write-up policy. The school and lodging cost us around $12,000. My daughter had completed 3/4 of their program and was receiving passing grades when she was dismissed. My daughter, my wife and I had a meeting with the director of the school (Theresa )to discuss her dismissal. First violation was looking at her phone. The second was for having some lint from a new coat on her scrubs when she arrived fo clinicleS. And the third was for leaving a computer screen with patient information open while she stepped out of the room to look for her supervisor who had ( conveniently ) just left the room without leaving final instructions. One other significant incident happened in which she was not written up for. She was accused of letting another classmate cheat off her test.

They had no proof of this but they suspected she had allowed the other student to cheat. The other student was a failing student. My daughter denied that she had anything to do with it but they were very intimidating and threatening. After this occurrence she felt singled out and afraid they would find some reason to dismiss her. The violations and this occurrence were discussed during the meeting. We were respectful and civil during the meeting. We had requested that the supervisor that issued the write-ups (Amanda Roche) be present to give explanation but they said that was not an option.

When we pointed out to them that by giving a student who sits right next to another at a table the same exact test creates the opportunity to cheat. My wife stated that when she was in college they did not give the same identical test to the person next to them for that very reason. We asked them what proof do they have that she allowed this to happen. They got very defensive after that. We stated that the violation for having a litthe lint on her scrubs was ridiculously picky. At that point I had had enough of their BS and stated that it was a shame that they had the power to take our money and leave us with nothing except a devastated daughter. At that point we were told that the discussion was over and there was nothing that could be done. We should leave the premises or be escorted off. I don’t know how some people live with themselves after some of the things that they do with their power.

We encouraged our daughter to stick with it and someday she will be a nurse and be able to have that career. Unfortunately that $12,000 was all we had to assist her in reaching her goal. Congratulations to those who have furthered their career through this school. Most of you, I’m sure will have no problems. But for the ones who get singled out due to something other than grades, there will be nothing you can do. You’re screwed!! I hope some day Karma will pay these people back for their nasty treatment of vulnerable young people. Since this happened to my daughter we have come in contact with many people who have received the same treatment from this school. The story is almost always the same. An overzealous supervisor decides it is her job to stop you from becoming a nurse if she finds something about you that she doesn’t like. My daughter does have some problems dealing with anxiety and was told by that supervisor that maybe she should choose another career as if it was really her business to make sure she had no chance.

I believe the state boards are in place to weed out those who don’t belong. Not some power-hungry supervisor. Had I known that she could have been dismissed for reasons other than grades and performance we could have saved the money for a nursing school that is based on Learning abilities. I wouldn’t recommend taking a chance on the school. It could be a very expensive lesson learned

  • Feb 16, 2018

It all started with a retiring teacher and her new replacement. Quarter 1 was a mess. We had a new teacher and she was dead set on me for no reason. I actively participated in class, completed all assignments, even passed 1st quarter with flying colors. We were instructed to bring our computer to enroll In ATI testing ( an online resource) so we had a spokesman come in and help us enroll in the ati classes. After the spokesman left my instructor and her great thirst for power over a man ( it was easy to see she had problems at home ) approaches me and states she is writing me up. We go to adminstator and her overzealous write up was quickly dismissed. This was infuriating to this fickle and desperate women. I knew then I was on the chopping block. Soon after our first clinical cycle I was again unfairly targeted and wrote up for leaving my seat during the movie ( half the class was already out of the classroom yet I get probation. I knew I had a rough time ahead of me. She was dismissed from Caspn for her poor performance. As she was addressing the class about how she was leaving she looked right at me an stated ( nurses eat their young ) I was too relieved when she left thinking the worst was behind me and had a naive belief that this program was going to be alright.

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