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Capio Partners LLC

Country United States
State Georgia
City Lawrenceville
Address 1745 N Brown Rd STE 450
Phone 678-682-3217

Capio Partners LLC Reviews

  • Feb 5, 2018

I received a single cold call from a rude female who thought that simply not stopping talking would steamroller me into paying a bill I don't owe for hospital services I didn't request or want added to a prepaid service after the fact. Any time I attempted to interject a comment she simply kept talking straight through. The last thing I heard was "When we force you to pay it will be through electronic transfer" before she hung up. Less than 48 hours later (on the weekend) these ......people........ filed 2 negative reports on my credit rating. No documentation of charges, no explanation of options, and most importantly no reason to cooperate in any way with them. Any chance these people had of accomplishing anything constructive has vanished.

  • May 31, 2017

Capio Partners placed a collection for $716 on my credit report on 5/10/17 for a medical service from 11/2013. Not only did I never receive a bill from the medical facility, I never received a debt collection notice or a phone call from Capio.

I called on 5/30/17 and spoke with a rep. According to her, they called a number I haven't had in over 5 years and sent their notice to an address I haven't lived since 6/2013, so I have no idea where they got their info as the hospital should have had all my correct information on file at the time the service was rendered. I demanded they remove this from my credit report as I had no idea this debt even existed until today, and never even had a chance to pay the original bill, let alone a collection notice.

The rep told me they would remove it from my credit report if I paid them right now. I refused - why would I just pay money to someone with no written bill or notice to back it up? I am livid. I went through a rough time from 2010-2011, and my credit took a huge hit.

Since then, I have worked really hard to rebuild my credit and have been extremely diligent about being timely with payments. There is no way I would have ignored that medical bill had I received it. Now my credit has taken a big hit for something I wasn't even aware of.

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