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Calton Hill

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 5100 Westheimer Rd #200
Phone 832-779-8832

Calton Hill Reviews

  • Sep 25, 2017

Rodney Kilborn was the "Principal Partner" of West Indies Development Company and Calton Hill Capital. West Indies, a project to develop real estate in the Dominican Republic, never occurred. Nor did any investors, including my friends, family, and investors, receive a single dollar back, a financial statement as to where the money went, or a tax filing. Despite Rodney's title being Founding and Prinicipal Partner, his excuse was the financials were not his responsibility, but that of his dead business partner - the good old blame it on the dead guy response. The only problem with the ecuse is the dead guy was the rea; estate construction expert, not the business partner. The other problem was Rodney received the money and exchanged all the documents with investor. None of our investors have heard from Kilborn in years, and years, and years.

While in graduate school, at a very prestigious graduate school (Yale), Rodney promised me a certain percentage of every Calton Hill project and a salaries job, one money was raised for its first project. When $24 million was raised through my own contact, unfortunately, no job was forthcoming. I sacrificed amazing recruiting opportunities.

Then, Mr. Kilborn had the nerve, and arrogance, to send a number of threatening and harrassing texts to my phone a few years later, due to which he and his company Calton Hill were summarily, on the spot, thrown out of the company in question. After this, Kilborn's lawyer tried to call my employer to disrupt my own employment.

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