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Calstar Termite, James Shelton

Country United States
State California
City Orange
Address W Chapman Ave
Phone 714-634-2847

Calstar Termite, James Shelton Reviews

  • Dec 10, 2015

Calstar Termite came to our home to do an inspection and give a quote. I was not in the room at the time they quoted her $4,000 for the job and then got a check from my mother for $2,000! When she told me what had happened I was in shock at the amount they wanted and immediately called the bank to put a stop payment on the $2,000 check and my mother called the very next morning to cancel the job and was told he was in the shower and would get back to her. My mom called back and finally Jim Shelton answered the phone and said it was too late, he already deposited the check and couldn't cancel the job. Turns out he beat the stop payment on the check because the bank had not yet put the stop payment in the computer. That was in October of 2013. I have spent 2 years calling Mr. Shelton to get my mothers money back and have received nothing but empty promises. There was never any work done on our home and I would never agreed to $4,000. How can anyone rip off an 86 year old woman? Or anyone for that matter and I read from another report the business name has been changed to Rico or something like that. Now why do you suppose he did that????

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