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CaliGarden CBD Oil

Country United States
State California
City Buena Park
Address PO Box 5006
Phone (855) 650-4894

CaliGarden CBD Oil Reviews

  • Feb 12, 2020

This came on my newsfeed about how Caligarden CBD oil won on Sharktank (Not true I found out later) and Sharktank is sponsoring them. They told a moving story about how their grandmother invented it and how you could get a free sample to try it out for just shipping and handling.

So I stupidly thought I should try it out. But they also slapped a "free" CBD cream that I did not order on the order. There was nothing about I would be signing up for monthly products of this or that they would put the full price in there of 89 bucks for the oil and 87 for the cream. I got the oil and the cream and the very next day Discover notified me via email that I was charged 89 for the oil. So called Caligarden and they actually took it off.

Then an hour later notified by Discover via email another charge on Discover for the cream. I called them again and talked to same person. She refused to take off the charge but I did get both off the monthly thing. I told her I never did order the cream. I asked for an address where I could send the cream back but she would not give me address.

I put it in dispute with Discover when the bill did show up. Today Discover found in favor of them! It is also too late to send back even if I could get an address. Discover showed me the reams of stuff I supposedly agreed to that I never saw when I was originally ordering. And Discover said I would have to have proof of their shenanigans.

It did not matter that I did not order the cream or they refused to give me an adress to send it back to. Also in the paperwork they sent to Discover that I never saw, was you had to send the merchandise back within 30 days.

This all happened January 5th. It was today that I was notified by Discover that they were going to award Caligarden with the 87 for the cream. That I never ordered nor could I send back to them. Caligarden is a big scam. Beware! Also I am very disappointed with Discover card and do not plan to use them anymore.

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