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Country United States
State California

Bring Best Products Reviews

  • Oct 27, 2016

Do not buy from this online drugstore. Gentleman who called himself "Michael" was very happy to help and get your order started. However, he informed me that because I was not a returning customer that I must pay through Western Union. So I paid $250 and I gave him the reference number for it. He said he would give me a tracking number the next day. When I called the next day he wanted more ($260) to ship because their pharmacy "only had 500 count bottles and he couldn't open them to provide me the amount I had ordered". And so I did. I called him afterwards to get the tracking number that I was promised. He put me on hold to get it, and his response back was "Oh the servers are down in China so call me tomorrow and I will provide you the tracking". Long story short, this Michael guy is a complete scammer and does not care about anything but getting money from people who trust him.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS ONLINE PHARMACY. Please, it will save you money and anger that you fell for his pathetic scam. Their website may look real but it's a total scam. My advice is to use 24x7-pillstore they are legit.

  • Oct 25, 2016

I was hit by drunk driver one yrar ago have had 6 surgeries 289,00dollars medical bills perscription that are outragious priced so dcided to go online find this company talked several times got sucked to paying western union lost 200 dollar never gave me tracking number that was all the money i have i dont know what im going to do i was buying oxycodone 30 mg is there any online without perscription pharmacys i am 200 dollars set back i cant get my pills at walgreen now does anyone know of a real one?

  • Oct 10, 2016

Was purchasing oxycodone from an online pharmacy Best Buy I was told to send Western Union $200 to India and they would give me a a tracking number for FedEx next day delivery track my purchase and also send me an email confirming the purchase of which I didn't receive either one . When I called today they wanted $235 more before they would give me the tracking number or the ability to cancel for a refund.

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