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Brilliant Trading LLC

Country United States
State Delaware
City Wilmington
Address 3616 Kirkwood Highway Suite A1092
Phone 1-855-523-7268

Brilliant Trading LLC Reviews

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  • Apr 13, 2018

I was dumb enough to take an AMAZON survery and was offered my choice of a FREE GIFT just pay POSTAGE AND HANDLING. The not at all free gift was from BRT Trading . It took a fraud report with my credit card company to get that name. They charged me $59.95 saying I had a free trial for 15 days and since I did not send it back I had to pay for it ! SO MUCH FOR MY FREE GIFT ! I put BRT Trading name into this web site and the exact thing seems to be happening to others. NOTHING IS FREE IN TODAYS WORLD ! I guess I finally had to learn that the hard way after about six tries with FREE SAMPLES OR FREE ITEMS !!! Lets all get smart and put these guys in jail. I will be following up with Better Bussiness Bureau.

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  • Jan 27, 2018

I ordered a jar of face cream from them for what was supposed to only be the shipping and handling fee of $4.95 and I did receive the Illumna face cream but 14 days later they hit my bank account for another charge of $98.72! I don't think anyone would be happy with being charged over a hundred dollars for shipping and handling on any jar of face cream!

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  • Aug 31, 2018

Brt Trading - Scammers

I did an Amazon survey or so I thought and was offered a free gift.(A fit bit) All I had to do was pay shipping. Received the fitbit which doesn't work and there is no information in the packaging to be able to contact the company. Then a few weeks later I see a charge for $59.95 in my bank for brttrading. Again, no way to contact anyone.

  • Jul 5, 2018

I recived an email through, my cable company, it said if I did a customer servive survey that I could receive a free fit bit. All I had To pay was $8.95 for S&H. I thought "Ok I'll try it, it's only $8.95." So I waited. I never recieved it.

Then I get another charge of $59.95 on my card, I can them. They said you get a 14 day trial period them you're charged the $59.95. I said I never recieved it so when did I have a trial time and I want you to show me where I said I would pay more money later. They said thay don't have access to my authorization. I said then you need to take that charge of $59.95 of my card. They said they could only do that is I sent it back. I said I would love to send it back, but I never received it. I talked to Ron. He gave me the tracking number. I asked to talk to his Supervisor and hung up on me.

I called the post office they don't show it was delivered. I called Charter, they said they never authorized their name being used in this way. They said they would be investigating this also. I called them back and talked to Ron again. I again asked to speak to his supervisor, he then transfered me to Sara.

She identified herself as the supervisor. She told me all the same things Ron told me. I again said I never received it and that I had called Charter and the post office. She said she would send this information to another department and I would receive a call or an email on this, then hung up on me.

  • Jun 30, 2018

They charge my bank account three times from what I discoverd so far. It happened different days. First one happened in june 7th 2018 for 8.95. Didn't think anything of it. The second happened july 1st 2018. Didnt order anything? So not sure why I'm being charged 59.95. There was probably a third one i believe because I seen chaged while back but I have to look into the third one. As of now Thank you

  • Mar 16, 2018

Throght internet I was asked to complete a survey for Amazon. ( probably not true) Upon completion I was offered a choice of FREE gifts at the cost of shipping. I had to give my credit card # to cover shilling costs. The FREE gift was 3D video headset.

Before the item arrived I was notified by Visa of an unusual charge to my account, within minutes the item arrived. Well, I was charged for the full value of the head set, and upon clalling BRT I was informed that rhe charge was for a 15 day trial of which I knew nothing (very short 15 days). BRT said I could return the item.

Surptisingly that evening I was offered to take an Ancestry survey which was exactli the same deal as the "Amazon" survry with the same gifts and no mention of a trial period. So far I need a return authorization, by mail, and a new credit card.

  • Aug 11, 2017

I saw an advertisement Dermedica XR Eye Cream and Facial Cream, free trial and only pay the shipping. Product was advertised as being on Shark Tank (lie!) reviews were good ,Sounded great! I entered my order on July 10th, was charged $6.95 and $4.95 to ship the two items to me. I never received an email confirmation, and when the order arrived, there was no packing slip, no product literature, just the bottle of eye cream and facial cream. I was impressed as they were both full size products. Then within a week, I noticed a charge on my credit card for $98 for a company Brilliant Trading LLC, never heard of them. So I went on line and looked them up....well look at there I said, the eye cream for $94 and facial cream for $98, and they were advertising the free trial as well. As I look at this website I see the free trial on the site does say it is a 30 day to me!

So I called the number. I spoke to a woman who could barely speak English, and she could not find my kidding lady I never signed up! She then proceeds to tell me that I did not receive sample products, but full size products and I did not call and cancel before the 30 days, Lady, I never knew I had to call because nothing was ever sent to me that said I needed to! And on top of that, it has not even been 30 days! So she tries to lure me in again, by offering me both products for $28 a I say I am not interested...she gives me until the end of August to try this product because 'it is is wonderful'...OK I said I will call you back to cancel.

Today I called and tried to explain ALL OVER AGAIN that I wanted to cancel, I was not interested in these products because of the false advertisement and the products have not done anything they said it would do...I have seen no results! Again, the lady could not speak English, was clearly in a call center because there was so much noise in the background - and she finally said ok I will cancel. I asked for an email confirmation....she said it would be email ever sent. this is a total is NOT the product they said it was, and then they try to charge your card hoping you won't notice!

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