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Bobby's Gun and Ammo

Country United States
State Alabama
City Brewton
Address 336 Douglas Ave.
Phone 251-867-8000

Bobby's Gun and Ammo Reviews

  • Oct 29, 2018

I had the unfortunate experience to purchase a new IFC .410, complete upper assembly. When I opened the package from U.P.S; I soon realized I did not get what I paid for from Bobby's Guns and Ammo. 336 Douglas Ave, Brewton, AL. 36426 on;

The product does not function because of the missing bolt. Upon contacting the merchant and IFC corporation, I am instructed to print a shipping label, repackage the product and send it back to have another sent to me.

I am discouraged from doing so because the merchant refuses to use an alternate carrier or simply send the missing bolt. I notified my financial institution in the event I encounter any additional loss. Once I am reimbursed, I will return the package. After reimbursement, I will discourage any and everyone I can from being victimized by this misleading offer.

Ultimately, I was never reimbursed. Only with a provisional credit to have the credit card company make a final determination in the merchant's favor, subsequently reversing the provisional credit.

The reversal caused me to overdraft my account, subjecting me to bank fees and current loss of ability to use my only bank account with US bank.

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