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Boat Trader

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1 877-354-4069

Boat Trader Reviews

  • Feb 10, 2019

I went to purchase a boat from a boat broker and was ready to give him a deposit. When i googled the broker Agent) through scamion, i find out that this broker is known for scaming people. Look up leslie bentley, l. R. Bentley, l.R. Bent.

When i called boat trader to tell them that they have a broker, who doesn"t even have a valid license trying to find prey by using their site to advertize boats That he has no contract with the owners)... They couldn't care less. All they cared about was the money they get. This guy writes up a contract that is totally against the buyers protection, positions it so that when you give him a deposit for the boat, he gets to keep it when the deal falls through. He has done to many people and boat trader will not remove his ability to advertized with them, even when made aware.

So boat trader is not a reliable place to buy a boat through. They refuse to implement a system when only reliable boat dealers with a valid license are allowed to have accounts with them.

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