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Bluewater Call Center Services

Country United States
State Nevada
City Reno
Address 4390 Riggins Court
Phone 775-298-3254

Bluewater Call Center Services Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2016

Xactcall was a company that came to us soliciting their services on LinkedIn. At the time we were in need of a call center for a client that had just come on board wanting a larger volume than our in house call center could handle. This company made many promises and flaunted about their avatar services as well as high conversion rates but we soon realized this was all a lie.

From the beginning we advised that we would only need 5 agents for our campaign. Paul quickly called me back saying they do not usually run campaigns that small. So we then renegotiated to ten agents and eventually he got us to agree to 12 agents in total. Ten agents to field calls and two to set appointments. We paid $5,200 upfront for these agents' services.

From the very first day after they had done all their internal training routines we were losing hundreds of dollars on this campaign. We received 1-2 appointments per day after specifically indicating we needed at least 20 each day (which should have been reasonable with 12 agents) and they had assured they would be able to do this. After an entire week of losing thousands of dollars on this campaign they advised they would put more agents onto the campaign however we were still no where close to 20 appointments each day.

In an effort to pick up the slack they advised us that they would add a few agents onto the campaign to get the volume we were seeking. However I believe these were just empty promises used to put us on ice as our loses increased.

We had up to 17 agents on this campaign (supposedly) receiving on average six calls per minutes for an entire 8 hour day and got on average 3-5 appointments each day. You can do that math on the amount of money lost with this company.

They found every excuse in the book as to why they could not meet our needs or even meet the numbers they had promised. They blamed our data, they blamed the presidential campaigns, they said they were testing a new lead source but nothing ever surmounted from them.

Now we have brought on a new call center who on the first day of dialing the same data produced 15 qualified leads with only 5 agents! The best part is our new agents have not had any experience with this type of campaign. Xactcall claimed to have "experience" with this type of campaign. It is clear they never had as many agents on the campaign as they claimed.

If you need a call center that is going to produce do NOT hire them. Their agents are horrible. They will try to get the most money out of you as possible upfront. They will find every excuse in the book of why their effort are not working. Horrible, horrible service and a huge waste of money!

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