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BitGold Inc.

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 334 Adelaide St W
Phone 1-647-556-6370

BitGold Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 11, 2016

I had used a credit card to Buy gold on this site in hopes of getting the gold prepaid card. I deposited about $400.00US and they charged my card ( I aslo had forigen transaction fees, but that another matter). Four months later, after provided my banking information ANd my Goverment ID all I'm getting back vai email is crap about KYC and AML policies...which I assume is their fall back response. This is all taking 4 months now.....My last email to them was today. I never call anyone when deal with sumtomer service becasue I like to have proof in writing.

I told them after waiting this long I no longer want the prepaid card, I want a check for the fund I put into the account via my credit card. I also let them know that one of the credit cards that was used has been closed (I'm getting ready for the debt-poclypse and am closing lines of credit I don't need) so IF they repsonf I'll update you guys.

It was only $400, but thank GOD I didn't deposit more...This was a test run and they COMPLETELY and utterly failed. Stay the hell away from these idiots, if they did this with $400, imagine what they would do with $500k.

Anyway. I've contacted the BBB for them in Canada and am MORE then willing to talk to the media about thie company. Who wants to sue besides me, becasue I'm totally game.

  • Aug 28, 2015

After breaking my foot, I found this opportunity to market the bitgold affiliate program'

Free sign ups for $35.25/per person that became an affiliate

0.25 grams of gold for those just wanting to open a free gold account.

My affiliate account was up to $900. My gold account had two sign ups at 0.25 grams of gold each.

I have no access to my basic gold acount. And I was told that all confirmed affilate sign ups were,

suddenly not valid. So from an account of $900 I was only paid aprox. $200

This is my gold acccunt link

This is the affilate account link http://affiliates.

Many have been scam out of money earned by this so callled "Gold banking institution",

They demanded banking information in order to be paid, and various forms identification.

This is has played out on such a large scale, affecting many people.

Somewhere, some authority needs to step in here and intervene.

  • Aug 28, 2015

Bitgold has scammed many affiliates out of monies earned marketing their platform.

Accounts have mysteriously been closed, money missing from account,

and various excuses as to why payments have been decreased.

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