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BHG Holdings Inc.

Country United States
State New York

BHG Holdings Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 22, 2018

BHG Holdings Scam

I received the same email as is listed above. Never applied for a job in HR and I know they don't have an office in downtown Nesbit, Mississippi. Filed it as spam and never responded to the email. Not quite sure how they got my information.

  • Feb 7, 2018

Email beware! i got 2 rather overly friendly/ borderline pushy emails from this company yesterday. I did infact apply to a posted role on zip recruiter to them, but not in hr. I am not in hr and was immediately suspicious of course. I looked them up with this hrc exam they claim you must do and pay out of pocket for apparently. Pretty much convinced this was a scam...I wrote them playing dumb asking " is the property manager role still availble, as i intended to apply for that. Please advise."

They wrote back literally bullying. Not mentioning the posted job on site at all, but literally just saying

" do you want the job or not?" thankfully i did not proceed and i feel awful for anyone who does and is very much indeedy needing a job. Beware of this bhg holding inc. I have to figure out how to advise zip recruiter that the post is a scam. Below is the first email i recieved from them that obviously made me question them. Posting so you may see the language and example in case they continue.

"i reviewed your qualifications and would love to offer you a career in our hr department.

Are you available to discuss a position in our astoria, ny benefits office?

Our hr recruiter ($71k) and hr administrator ($59k) jobs are available but they will get filled quickly.

We fill our positions within hours mainly because our company benefits plan includes:

Company pension plan

Medical, dental, disability and life insurance coverage

(10) paid vacation and personal days

Gym membership, iphone and laptop

Discounted company housing up to 4-bedrooms...Etc...

The state now requires that all senior level hr personnel complete a hrc assessment.

If you want a position in our hr department - tap here jen to complete your hrc assessment

Or complete your hrc assessment for employment at

We're making our hiring decision tomorrow, so i'll call you once your hrc is done.

Warm regards, "

Tina c.

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