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Best Buy Transmission, LLC.

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 1734 Avenida Del Sol
Phone 800-588-4148

Best Buy Transmission, LLC. Reviews

  • Jan 25, 2018

1st and 2nd both had seal leaks! They didn't honor the labor part of the warranty and left my mechanic hanging on labor after directly working with him to a price and payment.

Cheap Chinese Seals. Some Torque Converters have a Vibration.

2 transmissions in 30 days. 1996 F-250 460L - Original Transmission had 187k miles, no leaks that I knew of and only needed a torque converter but I thought replacing was a better option but I was wrong.

So the 1st one came. Less then 14 days and 500 miles. Immediately upon starting up the truck I noticed a rough vibration that was never there before. After warm up kinda went away for idle but starting around 2300 and up was very noticeable. They blamed the engine but again this was new with the Transmission. Had a front seal leaking and shifted like a bouncy ball for 1st and 2nd.

REPLACEMENT - So they agreed to pay the shop to reinstall the second transmission then they decided not to and have not paid the shop.

Now the Vibration is GONE so that means wasn't my engine right! Shifting is normal but very very soft like a 45 year old woman that had 55 kids. You can't have a soft smooth shifting Cadillac transmission pulling a trailer that causes premature band wear. The original Stock transmission would put you in the back of your seat at 2nd gear and a mild kick in 3rd from day one. Then again the Front seal leaks as the other and as a bonus now on this one a second seal leaks at the shift rod on the side. My Mechanic advised me to degrease and wash everything and hope maybe just was residue but after driving around last night then letting it sit all day and came home from work stuck my finger into the access hole in the bell housing and what did I find? A puddle of trans fluid.

Again all mine needed was a Torque Converter but I made the poor decision to just get a ReMan, replace all my U-Joints, balance the Drive-Line and rebuild the rear end with a Detroit Tru Trac Diff so everything was new and all professionally done. So you Can't blame any of my Driveline to the failures.

So the good part. LMAO. Again I remind you my old Transmission was fine only needed the converter.

So their solution was to send me some random POS core they have laying around that probably needs more work then my original trans and take this one back leaving me with a bigger POS transmission then I sent them... Luckily I used my American Express Card and I advise you do the same. This truck has been down since Early December and now is still down.

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