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Baja Vision Care

Country Mexico
City Vicente Guerrero
Address Av. A 202, Vicente Guerrero
Phone 52(658) 517 3310

Baja Vision Care Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2019

I have been to zoptical Baja Vision Care several times and purchased a couple pairs of glasses from them. They always treated me fairly and the glasses were always made well , until the last time I went there in February 2019.

I wanted to get contacts and they said yes they could get them but they had to be ordered. Therefore I would need to pay in full.

Well... since I had always had very good service there I decided to do that. They gave me the eye exam and told me they would be there in 10 days. We had to go back for a dental procedure so I figured that would work.

Well unbeknownst to me there was an owner change and to make a long story short.... I'm still waiting.

I've been there 3 times, I have called and e-mailed. Come to find out one family (several members of that family) own the Baja vision, the Baja dental and the Baja pharmacy. I have just spent the last two days there again and have been lied to over and over. Frank, the owner says he mailed them to me and showed me a picture of a priority mail envelope with my name and address... only problem is there's no post mark on it!! Another lie. So he tells his girls over the phone to tell me yesterday that my money or my contacts would be at the store today at noon!! another lie.

Someone showed up around 3:00?and ganded the girls some contacts and told them they were mine!!! Another lie!!! Completely wrong contacts.

I was told by all 3 Baja businesses that they are sorry but they can't help me. I'm trying to find out what my legal options are but am having a very hard time!

I just want my $200.00 back!!

I would warn ANYONE going to Los Algodones to stay as far away from these 3 business as possible and tell your friends and family the same!

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