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Baby Blue Kennels

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 613-473-5333

Baby Blue Kennels Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2017

I am writing this after seeing someone else had the nerve to write a report about Linda Young Roberts doing them wrong.I felt compelled to briefly explain my short story of how she did me wrong as well. I was on a waiting list for a puppy from her for a very long time. This was due to many of her dogs having miscarriages as well as some being still born this is what she would tell me. First sign I should not have sent a deposit. Second after talking to many breeders they had told me that they do not ship puppies at 8 weeks of age as this is very stressful on a puppy and that they wait to 12 weeks of age especially in winter.I asked her about this and she said this is not a problem for her puppies and I had nothing to worry about.Second sign I should have backed out. When my puppy was 8 weeks old she shipped her via airplane in a snow storm . Which I had asked if we should wait as it might be to hard on the puppy alone in a kennel in a cargo area of an airplane.She said that it was ok as they had heaters on the airplane.

Well they are not on all the time! Regardless the puppy was sent in an airplane in a snow storm at 8 weeks of age and when it arrived it was not healthy acting.I called Linda Young Roberts to let her know that the puppy arrived and that my wife and I were concerned as the dog was very lethargic.She told me that this is how big breed dogs especially Neapolitan Mastiffs act.She assured me everything was fine.She guaranteed it.Well within 1 week of having this puppy it died and 2 of them days the dog was in the care of the veterinary hospital.All the while we were in constant comunication with her ; she was promising to make it right.Even stating she was going to replace the puppy at no cost to us on several different occasions and in emails as well.

After having a necropsy done it was found that the puppy had Canine Herpes and that this is passed on from the mothers.It also becomes dangerous to puppies if there body temperatures become to low It also has a tendency to affect the mothers ability to have puppies.All the signs that as a breeder you would hope someone might be aware of.Yet she was unaware of what this was or the affects it has on breeding and puppies.Needless to say she backed out of replacing the puppy and not standing behind her word or her health gurantee.This is only being written because it still hurts me to this day how some people can be so untrustworthy in a business "they love." Thank you to the other poster who had the gumption to say their side of the story on Baby Blue Kennels and Linda Roberts Young as it helped to give me some kind of satisfaction that it may help others in their decision of whom to buy a puppy from.

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