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Babies Getaway, Inc.

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Union City
Address 500 Paterson Plank Road
Phone 844-795-1539

Babies Getaway, Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 3, 2017

This company sucks, I placed an order for a FULL SIZE CRIB, BUMPERS, High Chair (minus the roach that fell out of it when opened), Tub, and Red Wagon. First of all they said I put in wrong address, when I changed the billing address versus delivery that's where it all went wrong, They delivered it to my mother in laws house and I was going 3 hours away. They dumped it on the patio and left. We took 2 cars one for the baby stuff to our destination.

Bought in Crib , turns out its a PORTABLE CRIB ( No Sheets), never received the Bumpers I paid for, our hostess opens high chair and Roach falls out of cushion, I'm ready to die. Paid for Red Wagon NO WAGON NO EXPLANATIONS. They are not available on Saturday or Sunday. We get in touch with them Monday very nice girl tells me they are going to credit me $70.00 and that they have been having trouble with their web site. That they will gladly pick up stuff at my destination just give her the address and leave it outside they will be there on Tuesday.

I thought it was all over we left everything there. Half hour away from home this nasty a*s bi*ch calls my phone says she is the manager and that I need to bring it back with me I explain that I am almost home and that i was told it would get picked up free of charge. She says no way not possible unless I PAY $50.00. Which I tell her fine take it out of my $70.00 credit . Then I realize it was only $35.00 to deliver and pick up from there to begin with and they charged me $50.00 RIP OFF TOO Very nasty women no customer skills what so ever. Not only did they not pick it up on Tuesday but they showed up at my friends house at the CRACK of dawn. Needless to say NEVER AGAIN this company sucks. There so called office looks like an empty building. Reported to Better Business Bureau. Shared on Facebook , Instagram

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