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B&D Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Iowa
City Independence
Address 212 1st Street East
Phone 319-334-6997

B&D Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2015

Do not hire this guy or his business. He finds women on Plenty of Fish (POF) under the screen name of gwayne0826. He claims he has lung cancer and is willing to help you just to occupy his time and keep busy while his sons do commercial jobs out of town.

The only thing he requests is money up front for the material. Once you give him the money, he then has multiple trips to the hospital come up. Then he claims that he'll definitely send his crew the next morning to take care of the job. No one ever comes.

When you approach him about the whole deal sounding shady, he acts upset that you'd doubt his character and says he'll finish the job or he'll return your money. However, neither happens.

My ceiling had one dark spot on it that he claimed was black mold. He then asked for my insurance company's information so he could file a supplement claim and proceeded to knock huge holes in my ceiling. He says he'll do the labor for free so you'll get your money back for the material.

I contacted my insurance adjuster and he knew nothing about a supplement claim or this guy. This man took off with $700 and did nothing but knock holes in my house.

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