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B. C. Towing, Inc.

Country United States
State Oregon
City Salem
Address 1834 Beach Ave NE
Phone 503-375-0035

B. C. Towing, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 13, 2015

My boyfriends car was impounded for driving suspended. 6/21/15 . On Friday he called to check the price they said 387$. He had to get documents from dmv and a release so he asked how much untill Monday since we live an hour away out of town. They said over 700 $,almost double the price which made no sense since storage fees are only 50 $ per day. We had 537 which is what it should have been but not 700 plus ,which is what they told us. So we waited a couple of days tryed to get more money. He called back the told us the same price that was quoted for the previous Monday. He asked how could that be. They put him on hold and someone else came on the line and explained that they were changing computer systems and the mistake was in the computer system. We went down there a couple days later to get personal important property,storage keys, but when he told them he wanted to get the storage key the lady asked for the key to the car Larry said there wasn't one she replied well I could charge you a 60$ gate fee and let you get them but I'm not going to let you. She was smiling sarcasticly. When we walked out two employees were standing there and I overheard one of them say "look at how she puts her eye shadow on that says what kind of people we are dealing with." On the 20th of July I called to inquire about the car Jeff got on the phone and told me the car was sold at auction two days prior. I said we would be contacting a laser he said he could not talk to me anymore. It's August 12 and the car is still on there lot hasn't been moved

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