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B&R Engineering Corp

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 13271 S.W 124th Street
Phone 305-554-4294

B&R Engineering Corp Reviews

  • Dec 13, 2016

The first time I met Rick I thought he was a loyal and honest individual but come to find out months later after doing a project for him he is unprofessional disrespectful sneaky and fraudelent and cheating me out of not paying me the money he owes me for services done at one of his properties. Which is the food of my children Not only is he that kind of slime ball person but he also doesnt have the decency to call you or give you a straight up face to mediate like a man he has to go through third party contact.

When I originally did his contract to his job the amount was for $5,875.00 he paid $4100.00 and permit was pulled for his old exisitng home in dade county. Per the county not approving city permits he decided to make a change order to do project at another location which another contract was submitted for the amount of $1,550.00 for extra work and new permit and plans of new location and Rick refused to sign so he wouldnt have to pay due to the project having a delay with permitting and fabrication due to weather conditions.

After new permit is approved by City of Miami work starts to be done, The city required a professional document foundation survey which the owner of the property is responsible for paying due to that being a city requirement and was not included in pricing. He was refusing to pay the document. roughly 70% of the project was installed when I spoke to rick about deposit payment for the change order he refused and stated we will handle that once the project is done just do the job and finish it!

Project was delayed due to weather conditions and city inspections and Rick was blaming me for what was going on, we had various conversations throught text and by law we were still in our timeframe to complete project as long as inspections and work is being done we were non compliant. Rick states we were not doing the job. We received a personal letter from rick not directly from an attorney stating to get the job done by november 20, 2016 with final inspection and permit closed and the job was completed and permit closed and Rick wouldnt answer hsi phone, nor texts and decided to use a third party contact to avoid from speaking with me and his wife Susana as well.

Now three weeks later he states he will not pay what is due that he will pay $1077.00 and that he is deducting for the survey which is his cost, an attorney which he never hired, the change order he refuses to pay as well and nor he wants to pay for the permitting process for the first project for being denied by the county. or pay for his field preparation, deliveries etc...

Now I just basically worked for free for this scammer. The same way hes cheating me he does the same to his own customers, overcharges and doesnt do the work or god knows. I dont know how he is still in a family business. The money he owes me he will need in a near future to pay for his medications or his death bed for being an inconsiderate, self centered and no man of his word! Oh and dont forget its christmas time of the year where with that money I needed to pay my bills and buy my children gifts after working on this project all year!

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