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B & D Security

Country United States
State California
City Santa Fe Springs
Address 9120 Norwalk Blvd
Phone 562-821-2900

B & D Security Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2016

BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. Contact me, anyone who is unsure, who wants more info. I'm happy to take the time out of my day to provide a litany of details on how unprofessional, lying, and scamming this company is, just to save some one else the hassles I've had. B&D, this is just the beginning. As a matter of principal, I only feel it's fair that I make you just as sorry to have ever met me, as I am. Believe me when I say, I have clear legal recourse, and will be acting accordingly. Your fake, "copied and pasted", canned, BS responses will do you no good here.

You can't even reply to people's 1 star reviews with any level of sincerity or believability. So many actual customers can't be wrong. Here are some highlights, but there's way more to this fiasco. 1. Missed appointments (multiple) with no phone call or reply for hours and hours, two weekends in a row. 2. ILLEGAL BAIT AND SWITCH on security cameras and DVR. Luckily, I wrote the equipment on my check, and put a stop payment on it. 3. B&D Illegally ran my credit, AFTER I already provided a real time (with the sales manager) credit report and score. I NEVER AUTHORIZED B&D to run my credit and will seek legal action. HAMLET repeatedly told me it was a mistake and it would be removed, yet it is not removed. Now he just ignores my texts.

Do you not know how serious and illegal that is? 5. Salesman, sales manager, installing technicians ALL MISSED a downstairs window that needed securing. Isn't that your job, to assess and properly advise on what you're selling? 4. Part of the deal was to waive my first month's fee, yet I received a charge to my checking account, as I had a suspician I would. I did receive a refund check for the same amount after multiple phone calls with rude agents. 1 of them was sweet, and I can tell she hates working for incompetent business people who employ scams as a means to run a business. ATTENTION B&D: PLEASE, PLEASE IF I HAVE SAID ANYTHING UNTRUE, YOU MUST SUE ME FOR SLANDER.

In the near future, I will edit that to "COUNTER SUE", because my system is still not working or installed completely. I have unecessary holes in my stucco and awnings. I will have my home restored to the condition it was in before you "started" this bait and switch job almost a month ago, which will include making sure that the paint on my ENTIRE HOME matches after I have the stucco repaired. But you won't sue me for any liable or slander, because you can't. Why not? Everything I wrote was true and I have proof. Further, it's illegal for me to put a stop payment on a check for goods or services received, right? Do you think I'm worried about it? Not one tiny bit.

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