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B&D Custom marine

Country United States
State Arizona
City Lake Havasu City
Address 1761 W Acoma Blvd,
Phone 928-302-3627

B&D Custom marine Reviews

  • Dec 10, 2015

B&D custom Marine replaced an engine in my boat. When I took it out for a test run it broke down I called them up They came out and towed me in and charged me $150. dollars for the tow. They said they installed a new fuel pump when I asked for the old one I was told they threw it away.Also they said the installed 3 new injectors and cleaned the rest. The boat still ran bad so I took it to a different shop. The othe shop had to put in a new fuel pump and send all 8 injectors out to be cleaned and refurbished. I bought 8 marine spark plugs from O'Riellys auto store which I have a reciept for and gave B&D to put in the new engine they took them and replaced them with non marine plugs the other shop replaced them with the proper plugs my additional cost after giving B&D $6000.00 dollars was $1300.00 to the other shop. I approached the owner of B&D and asked for compensation and he became beligerent. This business needs to be shut down they do bad work and are dishonest.

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