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B & B Appliances

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 331 E Dunlap Ave
Phone 602-870-1662

B & B Appliances Reviews

  • Oct 27, 2017

B & B Appliance Sales & Service.

Address: 956 Atlanta Hwy, Auburn, GA 30011

Hours: 8AM–6PM M-F

Phone: (678) 975-7812

I have known Mike Bessiere and his family for over 10 years. I used to let him come into my repair shop, use the lifts and tools, get the advice of my mechanics for free. He started his own appliance business a number of years back, good for him. He has always been a good genuine guy, the kind of guy that you would feel having your kids around. I have purchased some used appliances from him and had him fix a broken washer one time. Then, over time, he started getting a little pricey. I referred one of my employees to him and she had problems that he would not solve or warranty, claiming that it was out of his service area and that he only sold it to her as a favor to me. She didn’t say much to me about it, I am assuming because she is an employee and didn’t want to cause a ruckus with her boss. A couple of months later I noticed a couple browsing the home depot for a fridge that they could put in their garage for extra storage. I gave them my business card and referred them to mike. I realized I could use a new garage fridge also so I bought one from him for $175.00 (as witnessed by my daughter and 2 employee’s of mine). The door would not stay closed and I called him about and left a message. The next day I realized that the fridge did not work at all and ruined at least 2-$300 worth of food. He refused to ever call me back and then blocked my number. Is there any typre of warranty? Several weeks later the couple I referred to him called me SCREAMING at me claiming that I was in cahoots with this “ignorant redneck” that had cheated them.

Is Mike a crook, a thief, having financial difficulties or just plain ignorant as to doing business?

That is probably for the big man upstairs to decide but if I were you I would definitely choose someone else to do business with.

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