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Country United States
State Texas
City Grand Prairie
Address 3223 Pampa
Phone 850-376-6880
Website [email protected]

Avanti Reviews

  • Nov 29, 2017

On September 19, 2017 I fell victim to an offer of a FREE trial sample of Avanti Anti-Aging face Cream and Avanti Anti-Aging Eye Serum for low shipping cost. Not once did I ever see that this was actually a 14 day trial period and if I didn't contact them to cancel they would bill me the full amount less shipping, which came to $175.94 and there was nothing telling me this would become a recurring charge each month of $186.88. I read other reports here telling me the trouble people had when they contacted their customer service. All they do is explain what you signed up for and all they can do at this point is to do a cancellation. I saw one report where a lady was told they would give her a 75% refund.

I got my credit card company involved as I was going to file a dispute but she placed a call immediately with me on the line and we spoke to a customer service representative. She went on with the same story telling me that I had signed up for this (when I knew I had not) and all she could do was cancel any future orders. So, my credit card company representative asked her for a refund. She left us briefly saying she had to ask her supervisor and when she returned she offered a 50% refund. I had already told my credit card representative that I read on a report that one person received 75% so she asked the lady for this amount. She took a bit longer this time but said her supervisor would authorize the 75% refund. I told her I wanted 75% refund for both as I was charged $186.88 in October and $186.88 again in November. She said she couldn't do that as they can't take the product back so my card rep then asked her for 100% refund on the latest charges in November. Again, she said she had to speak with a supervisor. She took a little longer this time but came back on the line saying she got authorization to give me the 100% refund on the November charge of $186.88 and I had to settle for this.

This company is a RIPP OFF. Do not settle for less than what I recieved and be sure and get your credit card company involved. Don't use your bank debit card. They rely on you to handle these matters but your credit card company will provide a representative to go to bat for you. s

  • Oct 9, 2017

I ordered "free" samples only from this company and to be only charged on my credit card for shipping. They have added additional unauthorized charges of almost $200. On top of the shipping charges. I did not order anything more than the "free" samples plus shipping charges only.

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