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Avalure Reviews

  • Dec 5, 2017

I seen this on the internet and it was recommened by Dr. Phil and his wife to get rid of wrinkles.

I know now i've been taken as it was suppose to be a Free Sample and I was charged $89.71 amd $89.77 for another wjich I didn't evem kmow I had orderd.

I now know this is a "RIP OFF" and Dec. 3rd 2017 I received another shipment and I just put REFUSED on it and sent it back. And I will do the same if any more come, Is that the right thing to do???

I would like the phone number if you have it.

I have to pay my credit card bill. I am retired and on a fixed income so hope you can help me get thses charges back as they said FREE SAMPLE and it was not free by a long shot.

Please help me. I won't be that stupid again. I now see it is a Rip Off.

  • Sep 8, 2017

Website says "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed" - It is 100% NOT guaranteed!!! Charged $179.48 before my 10 day review period was even up. When I tried to return my sample (as that is all I have received for a supposed $4.95 +S&H), Sean said that they do not accept returns (though their website says to return the unused portion). He did say that they would discontinue sending product to me. We will see.

  • Sep 5, 2017

I too was ripped of by the Company that sells Avalure products, the same problem as the other customer had, I had too. I did not see the "you need to call us within 14 Days and cancel" button either. Called the company and all what they told me I got stuck with the items and all they can do is refund me 30 % and cancel my account. I am wondering how many else have benn suckered into this?

  • Sep 4, 2017

An out and out scam. Do not order even a sample

DO NOT BUY A SAMPLE as this is the way they obtain your credit card number! Without question this is an sophisticated, unethical organization out to scam as much money from unsuspecting people as they can get away with. I ordered an eye cream sample on June of 2017, and through August have been billed for 16 "transactions" for a total of $1,093.06.These charges appear on my credit card statement under several different names. Obviously, I have had to cancel that credit card. Names of the billing companies are several and include www.DPI-Health com*GA,.Gal Eye Serum, Fresh Beauty, and Diamond Solutions. These most certainly are bogus company names and they no doubt use many other sham company names. My latest shipment arrived yesterday and the return address on the package is AvalurSkinCream-AvalureEyeSerum, 16787 Beach Blvd. #267, Huntington Beach CA 92647-4848. THIS BOGUS OPERATION MUST BE SHUT DOWN NOW AS THEY OBVIOUSLY ARE IN THE PROCESS OF SCAMMING UNSUSPECTING INNOCENT BUYERS OUT OF THOUSANDS, IF NOT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

  • Sep 1, 2017

Avalure Absolute scam and fraud

  • Aug 31, 2017

On 08/09/2017 I place an order for Avalure face and eye cream. It was a free trial offer and only supposed to pay for Shipping; $4.95 for one and $3.95 for other. On 08/10/2017 I was charged $1.99 and on 08/24/2017 I was charged another $89.71 and then another $89.77. What was only supposed to be $8.90 turned out to be $190.37 debited from my checking account. I called them immediately and requested a cancaellation and the refund. The idiots did cancel my order, but refused to give me a full refund. they tried to tell me I was over my 14- day trial period. I did not have the product in my possession for 14 days. They are counting the day the order is placed. How can you start counting the day the order is place. Don't I have to have the product in my possession to try it out? I had to dispute this with my credit union, which they said will take up to 10 business day for me to get a provisonal credit. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and BBB.

  • Aug 29, 2017

After a trial of the producvts. I cancelled in June 2017. Then they kept charhging me and I finally found their telephone number and cacelled befoe 8/25/2017. i have received 4 orders since i cacelled in August, a toyal of 6 charges in one month!! Wwe are in our 80's and cannot afford this products and additional charhges afte I cancel, twice now!

  • Aug 26, 2017

I ordered a sample of their product for the shipping cost of 4.95. Ended up also getting shipped another product for an additional fee of 3.95 and 1.99 for some reason. I believe during the ordering process I responded no to the second product. Within a few weeks I was charged 89.71 and 89.77. I called customer service and was told that I should have returned the product within 14 days if I didn't want it and that I should have read the terms and conditions. Since I didn't they charged me and enrolled me in a monthly delivery. I never was informed of any terms and conditions and never even received and email confirmation of my order. VERY dishonest,sneaky company. DON'T fall for the scam. I worry that my credit card information is in their hands.

  • Aug 25, 2017

The advertisement for this product is extremely misleading. It is advertised that you will receive a trial bottle for $5 which is true however, if you do not call to extend or cancel your subscription within 14 days you will be charged the full price of $89. As a result of not calling within the 14-day trial period, I was charged $89 for the face cream and $89 for the eye serum that I never received. Customer service was extremely rude and very short with me. I explained I did not want to continue the subscription nor was I interested in any discounts to continue. Not only is the product extremely overpriced, I did not see any changes in my skin after using it. I also explained my frustration with how extremely misleading their advertisement was and the fact that I was being charged for a product that I never received. Their solution was to send me two additional bottles free of charge. My question was "you would rather send me two additional bottles valued at $89 per bottle but you will not refund me the exact same value?" Their response was "we cannot violate the terms of the agreement." Although the product did not work for me, I would not discourage anyone from trying the product. Just ensure you pay special attention to the terms of the agreement and be prepared to call immediately and request an extension and/or cancel if you are not willing to pay $89+ for a 15 ml bottle of face cream.

  • Aug 1, 2017

On July 29, 2017 $89.90 was taken from my bank account. When I called my bank I was giving the number 18775033708. I called to talk to a person that said I had no Chace of getting my money back or doing anything about it for my 14 days had ran out. She said I signed up on July 16th for a monthly membership. I checked my P.O. and found to boxes from this company. They said they would cancel the membership and in 10 days put 32% of the $89.90 back in my account. This is very scary what can be done to us.

  • Jul 31, 2017

Avalure is ripping me off. I ordered online what I thought was free trials on skin cream and eye serum, to pay shipping only on. I recieved the products and on 5/15/17 was charged 1.99 and 3.95.

I then recieved a second set of the exact same size with no paperwork in it and wondered why. A few days later I got my bank statement and on 6/1/17 I had charges of 89.71 and 89.77 taken out of my account. I called and was told I had agreed to join the membership by checking a box when I ordered the trials. I said I wanted cancelled out and asked if I could return the second shipment and was told they don't do refunds.

I just got my bank statement and I was charged again on 94.66 and 93.72 on 7/3/17.

I jumped online to research and see other scam reports, one in which a woman claims she had to close her bank account and open another just to keep them from taking any more money. I don't want to have to do this. Hopefully someone can help.

  • Jul 28, 2017

I was told I had 14 days to "try" the product. I ordered on the 12th and received the product Avalure anti-aging face cream and eye serum several days later. On the 27th, not having the product for 14 days, I was charged over $89 twice for not cancelling within 14 days of "trying the product" NOT 14 days of ordering the product! There is no way to cancel and no way to get my money back! This is a scam! Do NOT buy Avalure products. Calling there customer support team is a joke. They won't cancel but offer to send a free bottle of each or give 35% refund so as to prevent bank from disputing it. Horrible company!

  • Jul 25, 2017

I ordered two samples from an email solicitation. I did not agree to a subscription for something I hadn't even sampled yet. The email has disappeared from my inbox.

The credit card I used was then billed for $89.77, in addition to the $4.95 and $3.95 for two small samples, which I did receive. When I saw the credit card charge I called a number provided and was told my subscription would be canceled but I would receive no refund. I notified Clarion of my intent to dispute the $89.77 subscription charge.

The person I spoke to was very nasty and insisted that I had agreed to a subscription. After a very unpleasant exchange, the representative actually called me back to say that since I was going to dispute the charge, Clarion would not help me at all. I had already assumed that they were not going to issue a refund.

The company also did not offer a partial refund, although they reported to my credit card company that they did. They presented paperwork to the credit card company which they claimed proved that I had agreed to buy a subscription and that when I called they offered a partial refund. None of this is true.

Initially the credit card company accepted my complaint and refunded the charge, but after presented with falsified paperwork by Clarion they put the charge through. I have lost nearly $90.00 with no recourse but to complain and hope that an accumulation of similiar complaints will have some effect. These are nasty scammers who should be put out of business.

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