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Country United States
State Michigan
City Detroit
Phone 248-277-2980
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  • Sep 14, 2015

There was a man that I knew from Facebook that has someone of a high prestige in the Detroit Community. He is apart of the Kenetic Youth Foundation, and looked like he owned a respectable business brokering cars. His website is I was working with him for about 6-8 months looking for the perfect SUV. In April, he said he had a great deal on a Volkswagen Jetta, and even though I didn't want a small Volkswagen Jetta, I needed to secure a car before school started back so I decided to go through with the deal. I put a down payment of $1500 on a Volkswagen Jetta for a note takeover from JP Morgan on April 17th. ( Whose real name is Jeffrey Adam Morgan ). Initially, it sounded like a great deal but after two days contemplating and really thinking about the note payment, and looking up more reviews on the care, I decided that the car note was too high for me being a single parent and a pre-med student and decided to opt out of buying the car; especially seeing the fact that it's not what I wanted.

I told Jeffery that I wasn't 100% sold on the vehicle initially because I had my heart set on a SUV from the very beginning. I gave him the down payment on a Friday. He was supposed to send me a receipt and draft up a contract on Saturday. I didn't hear anything from him that Saturday, but that didn't too much matter because by the time he contacted me on Sunday, I had already changed my mind. After telling him that I no longer wanted to purchase the vehicle, he tried to sell me the car again and tell me that this was a great deal, I'm sure it was a great deal but it wasn't what I wanted. I politely declined and he told me I could expect my refund back in a couple of days.

A couple of days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. My phone calls went un-answered, my text messages were ignored and I could see that he was reading my Facebook messages and just was not responding. He was on Facebook, still posting, selling cars, buying new things for his children, all while I was getting no apology, no small increments of payment towards my refund, no date of when he was giving me my money back, nothing. I started to worry and I started to ask for the receipt so that If I needed to get legal help, I could. I didn't get a receipt until constant attempts in June. I could tell the receipt had been thrown together because it had the wrong date on it. He said he would correct the receipt and send me a new one. Of course he never did. I then contacted his wife via Facebook to attempt to get some help. She responded blaming me for changing my mind and told me she wanted nothing to do with it. I briefly hired a legal representation and he promised my rep. that he would refund me in two weeks. After he did not do that, and the notion of suing came about he told my lawyer that he was noncollectable and I would get my money whenever. I contacted the dealership he works with (Car Source at 19100 John R St, Detroit, MI 48203 ) and they tried to help and call him but that was not successful either. After telling my bestfriend. she tried to, contact him and pleaded for him to give me back my money or a car worth the value. He would make promises that he would refund me, then he promised me a car, then something always went wrong with the car and then eventually blocked me from Facebook altogether to alleviate me contacting him there. After countless promises it is now September 13 one of the vehicles he promised to give me or even a penny towards my a refund.

His broker business is not registered in the State of Michigan, the address he has on file is an old address, his website is not registered to an address and he is making no attempts to pay me my money back. He is still selling cars on his Facebook. My worry is that his practices are to risky and unconventional and he could do this to other people. It's going on 6 months and I don't have anything from him. I would like my money back.

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