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Auto Gals, Inc.

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Swansea
Address 1668 Grand Army Hwy
Phone 508-379-6145

Auto Gals, Inc. Reviews

  • May 17, 2016

I wanted to inform others so that they may not have the same experience. My husband bought a used car from Auto Gals and had nothing but problems with it. First he noticed that some of the lights on the car were dimmer than others. So he brought it in and the salesman Harry, recommended repace some bulbs stating that they were mismatched some were halogen, some were LED. A few days later my husband returned for the bulbs. Then his driver side window was having trouble opening, then it wouldn't open at all, then his key gob wouldn't open the drivers side door, and his his wouldn't turn it manually either. my husband would call and get the run around. Oh Harry isn't here call later. Then my husbands driversife window wouldn't open. Then the other window...every time my husband would call he'd get put off. When he just drove there without calling and Harry was all of a sudden there.. Harry would put him off with things like, try the fuses, maybe it's the key fob battery, oh it's an husband became so uncomfortable going there, always bring brushed off and given excuses. Instead of dealing with them he replaced fuses, changed key fob battery, replaced more light bulbs. Then the warranty ran out. A 30 day warranty.

While at work he went outside to warm his car before leaving work. He couldn't get in. Locked out. Nothing worked. Key manually or the fob. Luckily a friend with a tow company happened by and had to jimmy himself in. He stated it was very difficult and didn't think he could do it, thankfully, he did. My husband frustrated brought it to the actual Honda dealer thinking that we would replace the actuator out of our pocket mind you..and all would be ok. Well turns out it wasn't an actuator. It was a problem in the car's electrical system. The wiring harness. To trace the problem could take many hours and who knew how long it could take to trace. The dealer did a CarFax on the car and turns out, this car was not in one previous accident but, a few. And not minor fender benders either. Which most likely is the cause for these electrical problems.

Other things that Harry lied about was, we were buying a car with equity because he say the book value was much higher than what we were financing. Not so said the dealer, we were upside down. Also, Hparry said that the battery in the car (this was a hybrid) had years left on it. The dealer said it was on its way out maybe a year if lucky. Keep adding up all these costs and forget it. No way we could fix it. As it was, buying this car was not in the budget. We were forced out of necessity and down to one car which was a huge inconvenience as we work opposite shifts and I'd be late everyday due to conflicting schedules. We were in a pickle and Harry saw him coming. I couldn't go with my husband to look at cars cause I work during the day. My husband went and basically did this deal on his own. I had to go sign papers with him as a consigner because his credit was not established. It was then I met Harry. I disliked him from the start. Bad vibes, bad gut felling..but, I let my husband be responsible and he liked the car and we needed this car so I went along. Turns out the $500 deposit on the car wasn't enough for the bank and we got a call from Harry stating the bank needed ano $500 to seal the deal. We didn't have another $500. We didn't have the first $500. We were in the process of moving, rent, bills etc. So Harry said that Rona the owner said we could post date 4 checks at $125.00 each and they would tell the bank we paid it and the loan would then go through. Ok, against my best judgemend we did. Well, the first check went through cleared the bank ok although the deal didn't deposit till a week after the date the check was written. While these checks were all posted dated the car was having its problems. We ended up having to trade the car in to a different dealer after telling them all about AutoGals, are loan payment went up, so did insuarance etc. I stopped payment on the checks. No way will I pay them now, we needed the money, lost the car, in debt. They've been chasing us for the remaining $375. Call my husband at work, threaten to call the police for check fraud, sent us certified letter which was refused. How do these people sleep at night.I broke down and called Rona last Saturday and chewed her out. She admitted they dont do any car faxes, they never check vehicle history. Guess they don't care about selling cars that have been in previous accidents to the public. Makes you wonder what other vehicle history they have sold, flood, fire, leased, taxi service. Anyway . I'm still fighting this out. We have no money. They'll probably win cause they have the money to fight this. Must be desparte for their $375.00. Dont go to this place. Tell all your friends. Tell them to they'll their friends. And always always always never believe a used car sales man. They lie. Not good ones out there is my belief. Finally , always always get a car fax on any new or used vehicle. New cars get damaged all the time in the shipping process. Sometime they get damaged right in the lot but customers.

  • Nov 12, 2017

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