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report scam

Austill Crabtree

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 10920 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 29
Phone 904-910-3948

Austill Crabtree Reviews

  • Jun 2, 2017

This report is for a Realtor named Austill Crabtree in St. Augustine/Jacksonville Florida. Austill signed up for our appointment call setting service. We did our job for him, and booked him multiple appointments. There was always an issue with him, first he said the people who we booked appointments for him didn’t know he would be calling, then he would lose the appointments or say he never received him. It was one constant complaint after another. I personally spent hours working with him, and explaining how our service worked. One day he would be perfectly fine and happy, the next day he would be literally going crazy swearing and acting like there is something the matter with him. I have reached out to our other clients to ask about him, and they are telling similar stories about him that something is “off” with him.

One lead of his that we booked an appointment for texted us the following canceling the appointment that we set for him because of how Austill spoke to her. The text message is below:

“At this time we are not interested in selling with this agent as i explained to the gentlemen who sent me a somewhat snide reply of ” your two months behind on your mortgge right?” Than followed with “Ok well let me know when things get tougher and I will be happy to help out the best I can.” So in light of this even if we did choose to sell we would go with another company. Thank you and please do not contact me again.”

Beware of working with this agent. Anyone Realtor who would speak to a homeowner that way should not be licensed.

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