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report scam

Audi of Charlotte

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Matthews
Address 9300 E. Independence Blvd.
Phone (877) 217-960

Audi of Charlotte Reviews

  • Feb 1, 2016

This report is the TRUTH behind Bruce Forret.I have never worked under a manager that treats his employees including customers as a second place citizens. Bruce Forett is the biggest NARICISSIST. He was hired by Donald Renaldo as General Manager at Audi of Charlotte. If you are looking for a referral to work for Audi of Charlotte, let this be a warning. If you are looking for a referral for Bruce Forret, let this be a warning. Bruce Forret actions and lack of managing training and leadership shows through the turnover rate of Managers, Sales Reperentatives and Finance Managers.

What man threatens everyones job on a daily basis and takes the ideas, success, and improvements that makes Audi of Charlotte for himself and the rewards to make himself look like a King. He motivates by intimidation. Everyday, we the people of Audi of Charlotte walks into work, we dread the day because of the actions that we know will come from Bruce Forret. What grown mans hits a wall and breaks their hand in his personal life and comes to work to brag about it? It was only to intimidate. What mananger threats everyones job in almost every meeting? What manager text throughout the night (afterhours) with intimidating messages? What manager belittle's you everyday to make you feel like s**t? Bruce Forret cares only for himself and no one else. If you are the customer, don't think for a minute that he cares for you. I have seen him time after time laugh at customers.

For the person looking for a job, if Bruce Forret is the General the other way!!!!!!

For the customer looking to purchase, if Bruce Forret is General Manager.....go elsewhere!!!!!!!

Shame on you Donald Renaldo for putting us through a living hell.....and it has been a LIVING ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the next company that ever looks to hire Bruce Forret as a manager......I would advise you to put him in management course outside of the company for no less than one year. He has a lack of leadership, lack of knowledge of employee motivation, and lack of skills to praise.

For Donald Renaldo, you have lost some of the best employees because of Bruce Forret and you are about to loss more soon. PLEASE....stop this madness that he is putting us through.....he reminds all of us as Hilter in sheep skin.

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