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Audi Arlington

Country United States
State Virginia
City Arlington
Address 3200 Columbia Pike
Phone 888-646-3922

Audi Arlington Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2018

I was completely scammed and ripped off at Audi Arlington dealership in Arlington, Virginia. If you are expecting good customer service do not go to this dealership. This organization is scamming customers out of money. I dropped off my Audi Q7 on February 5, 2018 for a low oil pressure problem. An Audi advisor recommended that the technicians do a multi-point car inspection which cost me an extra $700. Audi actually conducted a regular inspection for $150 approximately 3 months prior to this visit. Now they stated they needed to conduct another inspection. After the Audi technician fixed the low oil pressure problem, I came to pick my car up. After driving the car for approximately twenty minutes my car started shaking. The EPC check engine light came on. This issue did not exist prior to dropping the car off at the Audi Arlington dealership. Otherwise, the EPC check engine fault would have showed up Audi's vehicla multi-point $700 inspection that they supposedly did on my car. This inspection was conducted on february 11, 2018. This is an issue I know the technician created after repairing the oil flange for the low oil pressure problem. Moreover, the EPC was suppose to be replaced at Audi Arlington, VA about eight months to a year prior when I brought my car in to be serviced. I paid $2500 to get the EPC system replaced. Therefore, Audi should stand by what they already fixed. The EPC check engine light should not be coming on again after i just paid $2500 to get it fixed. This is overall shady business.

Now I am stuck with a EPC check engine light, safety hazard that the Audi technician created, car shaking, and the technician put my radio station on country music when he knew the MMI system was faulty. Before, I dropped my car off on February 5, 2018, for the low oil pressure problem, it was at least driving super smooth and in decent condition. After the Audi technician performed work relating to the low oil pressure, the car is now unsafe to drive. They created a hazard and safety situation for me and my six year old son. I am stuck listening to country music which I do not like. Due to the MMI problem with the car , I can't change the radio station. Before, I brought the car there, I could at least change my radio station even though the MMI system would come on and off. You could change the station. Whatever, they did, prevented me from being able to change it. Again, they created problems with my car that did not exist before i dropped my car off on february 5, 2018. They charged me a total of $2,700 to fix the oil pressure problem and their co called multi-point inspection. My car is not drveable right now. I attempted to get this issue resolved by contacting the service manager. He offered to charge me another $1,000 to fix the crank sensor. That is why they claim the EPC light on. The problem is there wasn't a EPC issue or crank sensor issue before i brought it in there. Therefore, I shouldn't be charged anything since their techniciam caused the issue. I didn't trust anything this dealership told me.. It didn't add up at all. I picked up my car and parked it in my driveway until i can find a credible, honest car shop or mechanic who can fix the problems that this dealership created.

I reported and filed a formal complaint with the Audi Corporate Office. Hopefully, they will conduct a thorough investigation on the business practices that are taking place at Audi Arlington. I am out of $2,700 and my car still isn't driveable.

I remember when i owned a BMW 3 series. I always had great experiences at the BMW dealership in Alexandria, Virginia. They were able to fix the issues with my BMW without creating new problems and ripping me off. What a scam! For the pirces that Audi Arlington are charging customers for parts and labor they should actually fix the cars without causing safety hazards. It's a total ripoff! Overall, my experience with Audi Arlington was a total nightmare. There was a total failure to resolve the problems as well. They just find ways to keep collecting oney from the customers even if they create safety hazards for customers.

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