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Assurance Wireless

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Parsippany
Address P.O. Box 686
Phone 1-888-898-4888

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  • Oct 3, 2016

On August 30, 2016, I called to ask how much mb's/gb's I had left to use. I wanted to add $'s if empty. Agent wanted to know why. I re-informed why. Agent then said,"I know! You want credit!" He wasn't making sense, I told him so and said I am calling another. By the time I dialed 6-1-1 for another agent, the welcome message said that my # was not recognized as an assurance # and to please call C.S. I called C.S. and got same message. I had no way to call anyone, my line was dead. I found out by calling on a friends phone that this person later handed in a disconnection notice for me.

Over the next two days, a supervisor listened to tape of Aug.30th, 10:47am call and found me saying NOTHING about moving my service. For 5 days I had no way to call out, I am disabled, on 14 scripts one of which is very dangerous and I needed to call dr if any problems came up. Finally, 5 days later, another a*s. supervisor helped me to find out what number my phone was registered under so that everything could be made right. ( when the 'crazy' person disconnected my phone, my reg. # was sent back to the phone # pool and another # was assigned to my phone as an unassigned #).

Also, disconnecting my line caused my lifeline to be cancelled and a new undisclosed # was requesting approval. Over the next 5 weeks I had: Two tech supers work on my line, talked to 12-15 C.S. supervisors (I got their names and emp. #'s.) who contradicted the super before them, said that they found no notes to validate the tech work and was told that they weren't going to help me because 'I' had disconnected my phone and the shut off date was the 23rd of Sept.

I called local news show, an attorney, California Lifeline and finally the C.P.U.C. who, after 5 weeks in hell, my having to walk to an 83yr neighbor 3 houses away and him walking down to me to answer a call from any of the above. The C.P.U.C. finally set things right. All of this because an Assurance C.S. agent had a tantrum, disconnected my phone which is a federal offense when done to senior or disabled. Then Assurance supervisors tried to keep incident quiet. Do Not Get a*s. Universal Lifeline phone. I was left traumatized and I don't want anyone else to go through that. Note: Sprint is parent corp. to assurance.

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  • Feb 13, 2020

Assurance Wireless, a lifeline service is in an unethical collaboration with their sister company (located at the same address), They force you to buy only overpriced, and mostly used junk phones from them or shop.assurance. That is if you don't want the horrific, malfunctioning no power, breakdown pronem free phones that they send you.

They tell you that you cannot buy any phone from a store, website, other carrier, locked or even unlocked phone. That it will not work on Assurance Wireless and they will not help you program it or give you a simm card like all other carriors do. That you must buy from them. There is no other place to buy. Then when you go to their phone website,, you see phones that have a price, (but they don't tell you they are refurbished until you click on them). And the price they are charging is much, higher than what I can buy that phone at online or at a major electronics retailer like best buy, microcenter, etc.

They will not even let you buy AN UNLOCKED PHONE, like anyone else will. Then when you get their used phone, they tell you that you only have a 2 month warranty. And if you attempt to return the phone for various reasons, they threaten to deduct restocking fees from up to 50% plus a $10 handling fee, to dissuade you from even doing that.

Then if you send the phone back, it takes over a month to get an exchange or partial refund to disswade you from doing it again. The bottom line: this is an unfair and illegal collusion between assurance wireless and assurance to force consumers to buy used phones that for the same price you can get a new phone or buy new (older models) phones that are almost 100% higher than what they really cost.

They are taking advantage of poor people unfairly. Please put a stop to this OR take ASSURANCE WIRELESS OUT OF THE LIFELINE SERVICE and give the contract to someone else that is honest and fair. Thank You.

All returns must be accompanied by an RMA number written on the return package. You will be emailed an RMA label with a unique RMA number once your return has been authorized.

• Please enclose a copy of your RMA request including RMA number and order number with the return packaging.

• Do not return SIM cards and airtime cards. They are non-refundable.

• Please return the phone(s) along with all accessories and the original device packaging.

• Please note the issue(s) that you are experiencing with the device. We recommend that you use delivery confirmation for your return in order to insure proper delivery of your item.

• RMAs are processed during normal business hours Monday – Friday in order of receipt.

• You will receive notification when your return is received. This can be up to 1-2 business days after delivery at our facility.

• If the phone is found to not be defective and a refund is requested, a 20-50% restocking fee will be applied prior to refund depending on the condition of the phone and the completeness of the return. Shipping is non-refundable. A $10 shipping and handling fee will be applied to all refunded goods.

• You will receive notification within up to 5 business days of receipt of the disposition of your warranty or refund request.

• It can take up to 15 business days after receipt of your device for your refund to post.

407 856-5880

888 321-5880

Report Successfully Submitted

Report Number: 116150990

  • Nov 30, 2019

First of all they try to give you a free UMX phone. Do not accept this phone. It's most horrendous, unworkable, junk you will ever own. They do this to get you to consider buying a phone from their website which is higher priced. The catch is that you cannot purchase a phone from any other company like ebay, amazon, best buy, micro center or they tell you that will not work on their network because they "reprogrammed" their network. They also refuse to let you buy an unlocked phone of your choice and budget, and use that. They refuse with no expanation, just: it's not policy.

The reason for all of this is to get you to buy a better phone than the one they give you and force you to buy from their overpriced website so they can make profits galore on you.

Please report them to the Gov't, FTC, and your local congressman. They are ripping off all of their customers and someone has to step in and do something.

  • Mar 12, 2019

This is an on going problem with me and this phone company. I received a free phone back Sep 2018. I broke my phone I bought a new one it never showed up. 3 months waited I paid $27 .I call the assurance wireless to buy a phone with the money I had have them.

I was told I could not get a phone. I ask them to refund the money they they couldn't .they can put it on my account I ask to speak to a supervise they say they don't have any.then someone new get on the phone acting like they care they say I have a phone coming but never reseved one they have send me phone that did not work.

I send 4 or 5 phones back to them they .so can I stay. Jan 26 I called to put 30$ for min because my mind was out but after I put my money I found out that I had mins320i Take5$ then it into 250 that gave 600 mins. On the 26 of Fed I paid 5$ for a to sent to me never got in my account at the they it was 30$in my account that's still not right but I am hurt

  • Dec 26, 2018

Assurance wireless is distributing an android phone that does not work. It doesn't hold a charge, it's system reboots itself spontaneously, phone gets hot, apps stop all the time, etc. I can barely make phone calls with it. The worst part is they won't give me a free replacement that works. Do not sign up with these people, because they have known about this for months, and have done nothing with the federal government to resolve it.

Sign up with safelink instead or get cricket, anything else than these people. If you have to use it as a lifeline, you will surely be dead because the phone they give out doesn't work at all.

  • Sep 25, 2017

I am highly experienced with electronics and technology and was attempting to solve a technical problem with an assurance wireless phone.

First Call: I called their customer service number (using 611 since I did not have their direct number at that moment) and after a confusing round of automated prompts was finally able to speak to a human being. After giving the support person the phone number and explaining the problem the support call was disconnected for some reason and I waited several minutes for them to call back but they never did.

Second Call: I called back and went through the entire ordeal again and asked the person to call me back at a different number so that we could work on the assurance wireless phone during the call (an obvious solution that seems like it would be useful on every single support call)... they informed me that they are not allowed to make outbound calls (ridiculous) and instructed me to call back again from the other phone... I would not be able to be transferred to them and I would have to start over with the new person... they gave me a number that I could dial.

Third Call: I called back and went over the problem again and the person first gave me several solutions that were not correct then asked me to re-boot the phone... The call was disconnected and this time the support person did call back immediately (indicating that the first call truly was horrible customer service as they could have called back and that the second operator lied to me)... During the third call it was apparent that the person had no idea on how to solve the problem.

(They were looking at an online manual and describing phone components that simply did not exist).

For many years I had T-Mobile (Best #1 customer service in the industry - by far) and had to switch to AT&T due to an employment change (also excellent customer service, but below T-Mobile) and currently I am on a Sprint plan due to a limited time special offer (Sprint customer service is comparable to AT&T)... my point is that:

Assurance Wireless has the worst customer service in the industry.

(At the time of this writing the phone problem is still not resolved)

  • Feb 17, 2017

After 15 years of service with virgin mobile/assurance wireless, i canceld my account and went to another comp (SAFELINK WIRELESS) both comp were goverment programs that offer free phones, minutesand text every month for low or no income people. cut to the chase, i had an account cash balance of 30.00 that they refuse to refund me, first i was told they would send me a check , never happened, then they said they wouldnt refund the money because i wasnt qualified, called back a 3rd time and was told they would send a check as long as i ok'd cancelation of my account ?? bulls* excuse, i asked them what they bwere going to do with my money after closing my account , they couldnt say, where is my money i asked and i was told it was gone , dissapeared he told me . i am seeking legal assistance and will be taking them to court. rinky dam dink comp !!!

  • Sep 29, 2016

I have an Assurance Wireless welfare phone. When I would ignore their messages ( Everyday) to recertify. (I have until Dec.23), they cut service so I couldnt text out ( message came up saying,You are currently not allowed to use this service. Contact customer care support. When I tried calling out they answered saying to wait for customer service to recertify. I shut down phone for few hours to cool off so I could calmly talk to them. I just told him twice that I wasnt recertifying with them. Call lasted around 8 minutes . Hard to understand what he was saying at times. The number to recertify is 1-888-653-9262 from my phone. They did restore service after my call.

  • Jul 19, 2016

We were traveling to Florida from Virginia, and on our way on Interstate 95. A driver insured by Insurance America rear ended resulting in a loss of all the things that were in the car including all drinks,medicationa, appliances, clothing, travel bags, etc. The car was total loss, and two passengers in my car were injured and transported to the nearest hospital. We ended up sleeping in a hotel for the night, to continue the trip the next day. Therefore we paid so many out of pocket expenses such as the day in the hotel a loss of one reserved hotel in Florida, car rentals, and taxi rides befoee car rental. It's been since July now, and we only received the total loss cost of the vehicle. But not anything else, not even medical expenses. Everything we call, they ask us to send them all the supporting documents. We have sent these documents three times so far, and they are asking for a fourth time. The representative is very rude and the manager is ever ruder.

  • Apr 21, 2016

My husband received this service via Lifeline around 6 months ago. Since then we have called this service every two weeks to get the caller id on the phone number changed to my husband's name. With every call we've spent a solid 20-25 mins talking to customer service (off-shore reps) who then transfer you to "Tech Support" where another rep will tell you that they've taken care of the matter, turn the phone off, turn it on and within 72hrs the matter will be resolved and it will reflect your husband's name. Never happens!!!! Then after a week, we go through the same process with the same bs.

The phone number that was given to my husband has a caller id "Paul" that we have now been trying to change unsuccessfully for now 6 months!! A few times, the reps did a work around by doing a caller id block (which of course is not a resolution) - this then limited my husband's ability to call restricted phone numbers that don't accept blocked phone calls.

This would be in direct violation of the reason why Lifeline provides this service which is consistent phone access for low income individuals with special circumstances. I have no idea how Assurance Wireless (part of Virgin Mobile Services) got the Lifeline Federal contract because they sure cannot provide the level of consistent phone service.

  • Jan 14, 2016

Assurance wireless is a government free cell phone service 1888-898-4888 located at p.o box 686 Parsippany nj 07054 this company who has operators who are from over seas who barely speak English offer a free phone paided by the government it's practices seem like a scam they claim they give you 250 minutes but it seems more like 250 seconds that's a scam because after your Free minutes are over you have to paid out of pocket.i also heard Several complaints about people having their accounts switched to another company then it's hard to get your free minutes you have to pay out of pocket another scam I urge anyone who has had a problem with their free government phone to file a complaint with the F.C.C and or the Attorney General in your state together we can fight this Scam

  • Nov 25, 2015

I have been a customer of this company for more then five years never had problem til now recertifying I complete the form show the proof of government assistance completed the form mailed it and then called the company spoke to a representative and then faxed it to the information I then I received my acknowledgment letter telling me I was renewed til November 2017. Today my 80 yr old Mom was admitted to the hospital and I started calling family members to advising them what was going on and used about 23 minutes and when I went to use the phone for the last person the recording said I was no longer qualified if I wanted to add money I would have to use a top up card iwas pissed knowing d**n well that I didn't use 250 minutes well I was told inolonger qualified because another user in the house had the service I told him my sister's phone was a contract phone and my Mind h*o e phone was Verizon they told me I had to reapply because they didn't receive my paper work what kind of under handed s**t is this they just related im i want revengechelpage toreapp!y 7 yrs no proble

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