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Ascension Lutheran Church

Country United States
State Mississippi
City East Lansing
Address 2780 Haslett Rd
Phone 1 517-337-9703

Ascension Lutheran Church Reviews

  • Mar 16, 2019

They stick you in rooms with people who are a danger to your health and safety. Forcibly threaten to throw you out in the cold if you don’t comply when you protest out of self protection. They literally forced me against my will to reside in a room with a woman who made repeated threats towards me and also used social connections to intimidate and harass me while at this church.

Simply because I am homeless and they believe no one will care about sliding another one under the rug. They abuse and infringe on a persons right to safety and security. I reported the woman harassing me to them on multiple occasions all to different people.

A therapist named Greg only proceeded to claim he had dealt with it by simply telling the woman harassing me to “stop bothering me.” Her harassment only spiked. Another woman named Bre made a barrier to separate me and the harasser as another means. As if that solves anything. A volunteer named Tom Munson acted like he was going to forcibly put his hands on me if I didn’t comply while acting and saying aloud that he was “in charge“ for the night.

And he proceeded to try and intimidate me for standing up to him. He even refused to give me his full name when asked. All of this-to simply sleep in a hallway two feet from the door which would have solved the problem. Two feet. As if it was just to much to ask. All of this occurred with subzero temperatures outside and while it is physically harmful to someones health to be out without appropriate protective gear on. They threatened me with that, simply for sleeping in a hallway for my own well-being.

On top of that they throw your belongings in a dirty bathroom with a pile of carelessly thrown personal items as if it doesn’t matter. Claim it is literally their way or the highway despite being funded by the f*cking state for offering services to homeless through a state funded grant.

They complain about serving the homeless claiming they feel like slaves. Hate to tell ya, homeless are the ones you serve and answer to. Not the other way around. Don’t like it, don’t do it. And maybe you’ll think twice next time before thinking you have any place to really say anything to me. If you aren’t the one living it-you don’t get a say in how to deal with it.


BRI-manager-the one who made a fort when letting me sleep in the hallway would have sufficed. Again, two feet. Two. Really? Two. Feet.

LYYNANN-superintendent-the one who claims its “their way or the highway.”

TOM MUNSON-volunteer-the one who physically intimidated me and acted like he was about to forcibly do something to me just to make me sleep in a room. Curious about how I got your name? I offered for you to give me your name when I asked. Now, wouldn’t that have been easier instead of all of this?

GREG-volunteer-the one who thought simply “telling,” the harasser was “enough.” What does your therapy say about this? Do you really think it fixed it now? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

JANETTE-volunteer-the one who complains about feeling like a slave to the homeless. When its a volunteer effort. Stay the f*ck home and spout your sh*t to someone else who actually wants to hear you if you have that big of a problem. Im sure your cats would love to hear it.


This is what kissing my a*s looks like. And you can rest assured it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. So suck it easy bible thumpers. Nice and easy.

Bri who obviously has no brainstem and practices the same sort of lying her police officer husband does everyday on the job. She tried claiming there was an aforementioned church I was not welcomed at despite me having never heard of it when she mentioned it to me. Guess that just proves everything Ive been saying even more. There is a reason congregations on the decline.

Praise the heathen screech owl Lilith! May her daughters topple and burn this kingdom and claim it as their own. And extricate anyone in need of it from these idiots.

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