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Articulate Interpreters

Country United States
State California
City West Hills
Address 6520 Platt Ave #218
Phone 818-704-4895

Articulate Interpreters Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2016

This interpreting agency Contact person barbara siskin, owner wendy shugar) booked me for a job in 2015. I traveled 80 miles round trip to complete the job successfully. I submitted an invoice to them immediately afterwards.

Barbara siskin acknowledged receipt of the invoice. But i was not paid. I contacted barbara about the invoice. She said she would ask accounting to rush the payment. But i never received it. I contacted her over ten times afterwards, every time she told me that the accounting department is a different company and she would sent an urgent request to them. But their "accounting department" never contacted me and never paid me. I sent four or five past due notices and they did not respond.

Later i spoke to several other interpreters and they said that they were defrauded the same way. They are all very mad and refuse to work for this company any more. This company was set up to defraud interpreters. They took jobs from their clients, booked interpreters to do the jobs, collected money from their clients and keep the money for themselves. They do not pay interpreters. This is fraud and these people should be prosecuted criminally.

I am collecting the names of all the victims of this company and we will contact the los angeles distict attorney's office to start an investigation. They will not get aways with this. No matter how many years it will take, i am determined to get my money, every penny of it. If they shut down this company and set up a new one, i will find the new company.

I encourage all the interpreters who have been defrauded by this company. Will not be able to defraud any more victims. We can then unite to pursue these criminals together.

  • Aug 8, 2015

They hired me for some jobs. The invoices were sent and never paid. When I do an inquiry, they claim they never received them. I've sent copies by mail (Certified mail), fax, email. Then they allege that the check is in the mauil, that the accountant is not in, that they ran out of checks, that tomorrow..... But they do not pay. Do not do business with them, they will rip you off. They are dishonest!!

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