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Art Deck, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Chatsworth
Address 20800 Dearborn St
Phone (818) 350-0777

Art Deck, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2019

Art is a proven theif that steal money from anyone he come across. In my situation, he stole money and never wanted to pay it! i recenetly found out that he also stole money from other people in large amounts and a judgment has been issued against him on an amount that is close to $1M.

because of my curiousity ... i went and pulled the judgment and i want to cubmit it here so ANYONE that come actoss this man... should RUN AWAY as far as he can. Art is a proven conman that will steal any money from anyone without any reason. his main trick is to hire people for any type of work and than to pay something in order to start the work. when the work is started, he will make sure that the work will be done or close to be done. THAN ..... he will start to complain that nothing is good and thats why no more money will be paid.

stay away from this man!!!!!!!!

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