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Armina Swittenburg

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Thomasville
Phone 336-392-3277

Armina Swittenburg Reviews

  • Nov 24, 2018

I met Armina Swittenburg a few years ago through a relative of mine. Her expertise was in financials (So she says) and helping people to obtain CPN numbers, building out the profiles good enough to get credit cards and ultimately begin to build wealth through other ventures after that. I will say this..I never gave her any money up front, but we did come to an agreement on how she would obtain her 10% fee from every credit card she would get for me. Everything was going great until deadlines weren't being met on her part so I began to get frustrated with her and ask questions and that's were it went left. Armina stopped answering my phone calls and text. At one point she hadn't answered her phone for almost a year and when I would text her she would answer me 3 to almost 4 weeks later with bogus updates. She got me 3 credit cards totaling to only $2100 when she told me in the beginning I would get between 10k-20k.

On one particular card with a $700 credit limit she was only supposed to take her 10% fee from the card and send me the card via mail. But she spent $654 on the card at some fancy outting( I checked the records) never sent me the card, and told me to continue to pay the balance to keep the card in good standings what kind of fool did she think I was? I sent her my address 10 times to send me the cards but instead I got stuck with the balance of all the cards. Just imagine if I did give this woman some money I would have been screwed. This simple process took over 2years and I got nothing out of it but time wasted. Again this woman is a hipster and a straight up fraud. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HER PERIOD!!! I hope she sees this.

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