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Arizona Aquatic Gardens

Country United States
State California
City Oro Valley
Address P. O. Box 68006
Phone 520-742-(3474)

Arizona Aquatic Gardens Reviews

  • May 5, 2016

$190.14 was paid to this company for fish, snails and shrimp. With promises that "when your order is ready to ship you will receive a email" NO email! They also promise that they are a "loving family owned business that will loving hand pick out your order and send them to you." Well if you call a "loving family owned business" ones that lie to you and steal your money then they take the cake!

Two male Moscow guppies were paid for we received ZERO!

One pair of Golden guppies (male and female) were received with males tail chewed apart.

One pair of blue vegatated guppies were received males tail also chewed apart.

15 snails orders 7 dead

20 shrimp ordered 6 dead.

Instead of the two male Moscow guppies we paid for we received a deformed "it" bent in the shape of an L and missing 3/4 of its tale. This fish was never ordered but, I guess they thought "hey instead of providing her with over $20 of fish she paid for we will throw in this 5 cent fish"

I placed phone call after phone call and of course the mail box is full so you are not able to leave any kind of message. I also emailed them many times all to go ignored.

I took a video of the product they sent and posted it on Youtube to warn folks what they will get when ordering from this company. I also uploaded the video to Arizona Gardens Facebook site all to go deleted.

I read there statement on there website and I was touched and wanted to purchase from a Ma and Pa shop! Stupid me! Nothing on there is correct ... they have not provided "quality customer service" they lie to the consumer, steal money, ignore and refuse to deal with folks honestly!

For anyone interested look on Youtube under Arizona Aquatic Gardens posted by vikingsvalkyrie ... take a look at the quality of product you will get from this company!

If you like to be cheated, lied to and have your money stolen with no product sent ... then this is the company you should do business with. As for me they will never get another dime of my business seeing that I don't appreciate any of the above.

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