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Archer Norris, PLC

Country United States
State California
City Walnut Creek
Address 2033 North Main Street, Suite 800
Phone 925.930.6600

Archer Norris, PLC Reviews

  • May 30, 2016

Hired Omar Jamal Yassin to handle a civil litigation matter in March of 2013. He immediately set out to earn my trust by being available to answer questions 24/7, seemed "extremely helpful", all the while giving me lousy legal advice and spinning my reality! He was setting me up for a HUGE lawsuit! I signed an enormous retainer with him, he kept slowing down the process of filing legal documents (to maximize his earnings). Because of him, I was thrown into a full blown litigation, COMPLETE WITH A FULL BLOWN JURY TRIAL, because of his advice for a simple legal issue. He continued to give me horrible legal advice throughout the entire TWO YEAR process.

He completely destroyed my case, making me look INCOMPETENT on the witness stand. He showed up at trial with NONE of my legal documents and evidence and FAILED TO TELL ME that he completed a case where he represented the opposing legal council just recently which is completely a conflict of interest and FRAUD!

He just kept sending me more and more massive bills and threatened to put a lien on my house if I didn't pay. He was so UTTERLY RUTHLESS WIH ME, that he insisted that I do not hire a court reporter "because it was too expensive" Turns out after I lost this case, I did not get my chance to have it appealed, because having no court reporter ALLOWED ME NO TRANSCRIPTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was pure EVIL!

I lost over $250,000 over this case and my entire assets were seized. This was a simple matter that should have never GONE TO TRIAL! I am now penniless and suffer from Post Traumatic Stress disorder over this ruthless evil predator! Mr. Yassin should be at the minimum disbarred from law, and ideally be in Federal Prison! I saved all my legal documents to back this case! This attorney will lie, cheat, steal and do anything to grab your money!

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