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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Jul 28, 2020

Stay very far away from Jeremy Rounsville (alias David Peterson) because this guy is a con-artist and a scammer and he ran a ponzi scheme that hurt alot of people in 2018/2019. He opened up in 2018 and it ended up being a big ponzi scheme and people got their money stuck in it and couldn't get it out and they still can't. He took money from USA residents and then changed websites and locked them out of the platform unless they use a VPN. (Not that they can get any of their "dashboard dollars" anyway, it's just numbers on a screen since a long time ago lol.)

He's done alot of underhanded things like making people pay huge withdrawal fees, setting 2 different prices so that he could scam people out of more money when they tried to sell their "earnings" and offering to let them auction off their account for pennies on the dollar but now they can't even get their money at all since about May of 2019. It is all quite amusing for someone looking in from the outside but for people that put their money into this thing thinking it was real, it might not have been a laughing matter.

There was an investor that did file a lawsuit against Jeremy (and others),%20et%20al.pdf . But the problem there is, the law firm didn't represent all the other investors who got hurt by this con-artist/scammer/ponzi scheme. They only helped that one investor maybe. Lawyers only care about helping someone if they can get something out of it. And smaller investors who lost hundreds or thousands they probably wouldn't care about at all. It shouldn't be that way but it is.

Jeremy made people think this was real by doing youtube live streams and he even had his own youtube channel but he removed all the videos at some point because probably they would be incriminating. But because he put his face out there and you could see him and things, people believed it was real but it wasn't real. It was just a ponzi scheme.

It's probably a good idea to avoid Jeremy Rounsville if he is ever trying to solicit money for anything ever again. That's the only thing that could be done now is to warn people about Jeremy Rounsville and his scamming behavior! He won't change his colors that's for sure.

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