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Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Palmer
Address Aquapeutics, 21 Wilbraham Rd.
Phone 800-290-6812

Aquapeutics Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2019

Aquapuetics Carribean Steam Shower Save your money! Aquapeutics doesn't respond to technical questions and the schematic doesn't contain all the information required for a MASTER ELECTRICAN AND MASTER PLUMBER to be able to diagnose issues. The Shower did NOT come as pictured in the video. The Steamer shown in the video is completely different than the one we received.

The Steamer does NOT emit the Steam as shown in the video and doesn't come close to a Sauna effect. The temperature doesn't ever really increase and doesn't get a 1/3 of the way to the max it shows as possible. The doors are NOT airtight, so water and steam leak out of the shower. Water collects on the OUTSIDE of the shower doors. The Acupuncture Jets do NOT ocelate as they do in the video. They are ALL either on or off.

The lines all feed together so it isn't even possible for them to ocelate. This is a complete misrepresentation of what the Acupuncture Jets are able to do. Aquapeutics has NOT been helpful from day one. In theory, this shower seems to be a great idea for pain relief, however, key components simply do not work as advertised. I wish I had saved my $5000 and went with a different brand.

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