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Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 78 stebondale street Custom House
Phone 38(0)634796274
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  • Jun 17, 2019

Josh aka Kojo Boss aka Markin Capital aka Aptik Investments.

Possible Forex Scammer aka Illegal Unauthorized Fund with no license or track record.

Whatsapp: +380-63-479-6274




I truly hate to bring down another black person and did not mean to tarnish anyone's brand or business but this guy Josh aka Kojo Boss aka Markin Capital aka Aptik Investments left me no choice but to make his actions public.

The purpose of this report is once again, to share my direct experience, be transparent, and warn others of Josh aka Kojo Boss aka Markin Capital aka Aptik Investments. Josh contacted me on Instagram around 5/01/2019 about doing some business together. He told me that someone from his gym retired him to me.

I spoke with this guy on a scheduled call using Whatsapp and noticed something off but was never quick to judge people.

1st, he stated that he fled from Ghana to Ukraine due to financial troubles with other people money that was mistaken as a Ponzi scheme of some sort.

2nd, he told me that he had around $21k of other people money for investment but did not have licenses nor a track record so needed my help.

I told him to get clear about what he wanted to do so he stated that he wanted a Small Hedge Fund. I provide many resources and my time without ever taking a dime from this guy. I then notice in conversations he was still somewhat off so I told him that I need to be sure he was good if I was to do business with him or attach my name to this venture.

I gave him a deadline to be clear with his intentions, business, and respect my time. He missed our schedule deadline then I clearly told him that I can no longer work with him. He then came to my IG talking about how I'm pathetic and a scammer on Whatsapp.

I said, how so, he said to prove it and let me talk to your clients. I said, dude, check all my social accounts and company profiles for ratings or my track record as well. I told him that if he wanted commercial services then I would book a flight, give him bigger access to my resources, and position him for success if he does everything the right way. However, I'm not here to prove anything but willing to communicate transparency.

The more I said then the more he twisted my words and got delusional then called me stupid along with being a pathetic scammer. I replied to just leave me alone as he wasn't up to my business and communication standards so was a waste of my time.

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