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Appliances Comfort Air Inc

Country United States
State Georgia
City Buford
Address 4560 Atwater Ct
Phone 770-932-8990

Appliances Comfort Air Inc Reviews

  • Aug 30, 2016

On Aug 3, 2016 I had a 2 technicians from Appliances Comfort Air out to my home to replace an A/C unit and to put in a new line set to my 2nd A/C unit. They were sent out by my warranty company-American Home Shield. The unit replacement was covered under warranty but I payed out of pocket for the line replacement since the leak was inside the wall. I was quoted and the invoice reads $1200 for 60 ft. Payment was requested up front before any work would be done. When the tech was done I asked to see the work. He stated there was nothing to see because he had found the leak at the edge of the house and repaired it that way. He did not have to run the line as I had been told he would on the outside of my home. The techs left and 4 hours later the 2nd unit was still not cooling. I called the company and was told to give it 24-36 hours.

24 hours later I called back to report that it still was not cooling. I asked for a manager to question the work that was done. The price that I had originally been quoted was for the line and the housing of the line on the outside wall of the house. I spoke to a manager who stated that I did not get 60 ft of line it was in fact 40 ft and that they misquoted the price so I in essence got a discount but she would send a Sr. Tech out to look at the work. They sent out a Sr. Tech the following day who stated that I should get a new unit put in because of the older coolent used in this unit but that I had a leak in the evaporator coil. When I asked him about the line, he stated he could not tell me anything about that I would have to call the office. I went through the warranty company again to have the coil fixed. A different company came out to repair the coil. I paid for 8 lb of coolant to be put in, this was on a Monday. By Wednesday, the unit was not cooling again. This other company came back out to diagnose and found that there was a leak in the line inside an upstairs wall.

I then contacted Appliances Comfort Air. The same technician that started the job, John, came back out and found the same leak inside the wall. He wrote up an invoice for sheet rock to be removed and for the line to be repaired. I told him that this should not be the issue if the line had been replaced when he was out the first time. He stated that I got "more than I paid for" and this was how this needed to be fixed. They, however, do not remove or replace sheet rock, so I will have to pay for that. I have contacted management and have yet to get resolution to this issue.

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