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Anna Maria Riezinger

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  • Dec 21, 2020

This subject has been accused of Bearing false witness, resulting in misleading and harvesting the value of human lives for personal profit. Her failure to face cross examination as a self proclaimed justice and other titles without proper Oath or Authority. Failure to agree to work under Public Oath and Public Bond furnished by the people instead of her own fraud private bond. Fraudulently claiming to be Office Holder over the people without contract, compact or Consent. Failure to give any rebuttal to the many counter claims and challenges, by what authority is she claiming authority, Quo Warranto. The people do not need or want this subject to hold any claim over what belongs to we the people. This subject has claimed 11 trillion dollars that belongs to the free and independent people and has tried to offer it up to a foreign power.

The following notes contain the evidence and deep concerns from 2019, that were immediately deleted from her web site because it blew her out of the darkness into the light. Since then this subject has only tried to deepen the rabbit hole by altering her deception in order to keep trafficking the masses of people who are just not awake yet. Jasun, please see my comment that I posted at 8:52 pm. The system Anna claims she is setting up is for Legal Fictions she calls "Lawful Persons". The(se) People, she said, assemble AFTER the government system is summoned (only the dead are summoned); when, instead, it is the living People who have authority to assemble to CALL their own government system to order. Reply goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 8, 2019 at 8:52 PM Are you trying to push from the boundaries of Legal Fiction Post-Truth or other Fictional World into the living peoples' Declaration of Independence? It won't work.

You rarely, if ever, mentioned the Declaration of Independence before I started bringing it up! It is an American traditional common law trust that Legal Fictions are not a part of and also are unable to enter into, since they are dead entities and the living and the dead cannot be mingled. It is established and it cannot be changed. It is an abomination. The fact that things in/or your government system get "summoned": summoning being 'being called up from the dead', proves that you have absolutely no lawful authority at all pertaining to the government established by the Declaration of Independence pertaining to the living people! And you prove these, my words, yourself by summoning dead things, even if you were to claim to be summoning that dead thing to life! It doesn't work. The living and the dead still can not be mingled by you or anyone else, lawfully. You know that. So do I and alot of other people who know the Bible! Better to just stick with your dead entity Lawful Persons you created?

Since the living can't be included in the domain of the particular government system of Legal Fiction "Lawful Persons" you constructed; and, likewise, your dead entity Lawful Persons or any other dead things cannot be included in the American traditional common law trust for living men and women established in the Declaration of Independence. It's outside the scope of your authority and pervue. Reply Presently, to me, looking around me and watching what is going on and seeing the trajectory of where we're all seeming to be perhaps being led, --not just by the avr-construct,-- alot or most of it seems to me to be us being led to ULTIMATELY giving or being deemed to have NOW given the consent that was necessary from the very beginning but wasn't obtained. Even with the sudden massive amount of disclosures of previously hidden information handily wound around so many constructed, and therefore false flag, unnatural events.... Those disclosures had to have been given from the beginning and weren't. Such that they acted upon us and others criminally for their own "unjust enrichment",-- by USING AND CLAIMING the spiritual authority in the 1611 KJV bible to do so.

Then they broke those spiritual rules that they took oaths to abide by. We think what is going on now is about "us"... But, No, it mostly isn't. They're being called for a spiritual accounting for their crimes and for their intentional misuse of the spiritual authority claimed and for knowingly taking oaths that they did not intend and or choose to fulfill thereby "duping" the creator. All in my opinion. erces yakirOctober 10, 2019 at 8:17 AM the masonic/illuminist "creator" is two-faced as all occultism/hermeticism tends to be. see prometheus offering zeus bones wrapped in fat. they are perfectly loyal to their "creator". they see themselves as the "rejected stone" -- 2nd coming pagan jesus, saves all the heretics/non Catholics/non Christians/etc. the sooner people see masonry/illuminism is simply "reverse Christianity" "reverse catholicism" and they very much do follow "the bible" -- they just purposely pick all the "rejects" and "sinners" ultimately, just satan trying to get into heaven. "freemasonry" and "illuminism" == is simply the reverse of the below According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.

11For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. xerces yakirOctober 10, 2019 at 9:06 AM goodboots: the masons/illuminists DO follow the "bibles" they just purposely "do the reverse" 99% of the time. or find some supposed "hidden" book/revelation/etc. -- always trying to find a loophole. if "the bibles" says the sins of the father go unto x generations, they say "that's not fair! better help some cripples! it's not their fault!" if the "bibles" says no hidden combinations, they form them. this is how gnosticism works. all bibles/religions/prophets/messiahs are fake, or at best, temporary. they figure by this "do the opposite" they will outlast/survive all the phonies. and become all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise, etc. in that sense, they pick and choose from everything. they see this as "purifying" "humbling themselves" -- accepting the blame of becoming "satan" to all religions, so that they might become wise. the last will become first. they see themselves as the "true christianity" the "true catholicism" (universalism) so, basically you get 2nd coming pagan jesus, they believe they will be "saved" ad naeuseum, if another prophet/messiah comes along, they will create/believe in a "reverse" version of him that eventually will come back and "save" them. light is dark, hell is heaven, etc. "illuminism" is pretty simple. up is down.

think pac-man -- by going off the edge of the screen, they think the last will become the first. "everything goes in cycles" -- rosicrucianism. history doesn't repeat, but if often rhymes -- attributed to mark twain. what could be more "love thy neighbor" than cozying up with all the heretics/satanists/etc. ? if you accuse them of twisting things, or preaching and not following, then "judge not lest" ... those who call evil good and good evil. xerces yakirOctober 10, 2019 at 9:10 AM goodboots: they almost always follow "bibles" if the "bibles" say people are supposed to be "saved" then the illuminist/mason motto is "making good men better [there is no "fall", all prophets/messiahs/etc. are fake]" it's just "do the reverse" ad naueseum. if "noone goes to the father except through christ" -- then they try to go to "the father" outside of christ. "to the mason, god is our father in heaven, and we are all brethren" hence america's "the creator" "nature's god" -- in many ways, just "reverse roman catholicism" if the catholic church says holy ghost (1st coming), everyone else is damned, they say holy spirit (2nd coming), everyone else is damned. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 10:55 AM Yakir, am absorbing what you've written and condensing it into concepts backed up with credible info, that's my goal with what you have written here, so will probably have questions,--for clarity and to make sure I'm understanding it correctly. Thanks.

Reply . M, ThomasOctober 10, 2019 at 12:13 PM Goodboots:Troll=Verified Truth Teller. Can you give your remarks on Phil Hudok? This info is at Anna has already given her remarks on Arbitration Awards/ Treaty of Peace 2020. Phill Hudok does indeed claim his natural birth status in his "PROOF OF CLAIM" What say you? Do you have a private email you will share? .Many have told me that when they come on this site and try to be transparent and open just trying to learn the truth their comments have bees swiftly deleted/removed. They say Good Boots is able to speak his mind and voice his opinion with out being benched/barred. Many are even saying that Goodboots is Anna Von Reits Husband and is why you are still on. Looking forward to your Answer. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 3:09 PM W. M. Thomas, Well, first of all I have only been commenting for about three months, but have identified myself numerous times to be a woman! So no, I am not Anna's husband! And I am one of the ones often telling this avr-construct that it is, IMO, giving out incorrect information, so I do not enjoy any kind of "favored status".

In fact, avr has even asked Paul Stramer to block me, which he did not do. And, oh, no, I am pretty much constantly (it seems) having my comments "wiped"-- often around the preview stage but sometimes before. It does seem that this site is being extremely heavily censored, and trolled perhaps too, for commentor comments, but I dont think it is Paul Stramer doing it. JMO since when Paul takes issue with something, to his credit, he seems to come on the blog and make it clearly known. Your comment: "Many have told me that when they come on this site and try to be transparent and open just trying to learn the truth their comments have bees swiftly deleted/removed." We really need to be able to hear everyone's ideas, thoughts, questions and so on, concerning getting our political status corrected... But I guess the point of censoring people, if it is being done, is to keep that from happening. Now though when one of my comments gets wiped, I have been putting a blurb at the top of it when I retype it, saying that: It got wiped so check it out because it might be important!!! ...and then I just sit there and peck it out again; and it has always gone through the second or third time so far.

I would encourage everyone who has verifiable information of substance concerning our political status that they believe will assist others, to do the same if time permits them to do so. Others have contacted Paul through email (I think) and asked him to look in spam and so forth for the missing comments. He seems to always graciously oblige and often/always finds published (?) comments that "disappear". No I don't presently have private email, but yes I would share it if I had it. Continued: for Phil Hudok remarks. Reply bbyOctober 10, 2019 at 2:06 PM goodboots, Ive been observing and analyzing all of the Articles posted here for a very long time, and Ive had it in mind that there seemed to be a hidden agenda going on, but wanted to make sure. Ive felt like there has been a deliberate attempt to lead folks in some desired direction, and for some special purpose, but was waiting to try to make sure just what that purpose was. I do not readily just accuse people, but I have had a suspicious yanking on my collar all this time, that something is very very wrong here. And so Ive waiting patiently to see if anyone else would ever notice or suspect the same thing, and so finally you have stepped forth and apparently see the same things Ive long suspected. In fact its why Ive never taken step one even, to accept any of the avr directives; how do we really know if we arent stepping into a pile of dung, just by taking ones ''trusted word' for it being the 'right thing to do'.

And so Ive simply followed my ''gut feeling' (that still small voice inside that has been saying, dont do that) because it has always been right for about 40 plus years now. So thanks goodboots, for speaking out like this. I concur and confirm. goodbootsAugust 17, 2019 at 9:16 PM Don't forget Annamaria is not giving this information out as a Public Service. She has publicly claimed over and over to have made herself the FIDUCIARY of what belongs to the American people using some new "re-constructed" version of The United States of America based upon a supposed, her/her husbands, claim to be a Titled Hereditary Head of State---- NOT upon the Declaration of Independence of the people who dissolved those same types of political bands that had connected them to European Titled Persons and Offices prior to 1776. So she absolutely DOES owe complete explanations and also verifiable proofs of ALL of her many, many claims... unless of course she is working from the Monarchical position that her claimed European Title gives her, in which case then: The Monarch does not have to answer questions from the inhabitants, serfs, paupers, res(thing)-idents, property, constructs, fictions; nor is the Monarch required to provide ANYthing to the serfs at all, for what slave tells its Master what it wants?

Annamaria, the self claimed FIDUCIARY of this New, Re-constructed The United States of America, has also claimed sole control over trillions and trillions of "dollars" that belong to American state nationals. Not for the purpose of being set into individual accounts for each of the separate people of the First Nations, African heritage, American state nationals and so forth to get ready-access to it... No. She claimed it for HER to control if you have not become a NEW made up fiction she called a Lawful Person!!! Is anybody getting this??? Should I scream "WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!" like Shelby does? :):):):):) Annamaria has already claimed the $21 trillion credit owed to us, the American people, and offered to give it to "Trump"/the Corporation. Read it. It's right here on this blog, a couple months ago. Who gave her permission to do that? Nobody. She "doesn't need your permission" or consent because she has claimed a Titled Position and of being FIDUCIARY over YOU. She, the Titled Person, can do whatever she decides is best. You have nothing under your own control.

You can only have what you are given by the Titled Person. You have nothing. It is actually WORSE than having "Trusts"; at least those "Trusts" had our stolen names on them. This has one name on it..."Anna's", the FIDUCIARY. *Unless the OfficeHolder agrees to work UNDER Public Oath and Public Bond furnished by you, the people, the OfficeHolders are claiming to act *OVER* you.* ******Annamaria, you need to correct me if what I am saying is in error. I've asked for and invited your public correction before and you have not yet furnished anything pertaining to my counterclaims and challenges.***** Are y'all reading this stuff she is writing? Word-for-word? To comprehension? Are you demanding proof? Challenging claims? The ones of us who even so much as "dare" to ask valid questions or demand proof of claims from "anna" are told to get off the blog, and to quit attacking "anna". But imo, anyone who tells any of us who are asking for or demanding proof of Anna's claims, or of anyone else's claims of lawful authority over the people: to leave, or who ridicules us, or who deems it unnecessary to know "Quo Warranto"/By What Authority someone who is claiming authority over you is lawfully acting, is in the category of the serfs already and is in serious need of breaking free of the conditioning we've all been subjected to ... and to start seeing their OWN self as a uniquely created man or woman who was given FREEWILL/sovereignty for a reason,,,,,,!

We have a duty to be mature men and women who are responsible for ourselves and for those around us. We do not need a FIDUCIARY to handle what belongs to us (anymore than we need Trusts and Trustees) who can decide to give it all away on a whim without our consent. JosieJuly 28, 2019 at 5:58 PM Please wait just a minute goodboots and back up- We come here to this forum for help in correcting and regaining what the criminals set up and essentially robbed form us. Please finish and Tell about the Assumed name form in Annas 928 package deal to freedom . Is it not true that the forms are setting us up for disaster as you mentioned? Anna " the self appointed fiduciary " has more than an interest for kick back on every one who records such documents? Is it true ???? what is going on for real? No more deceit please.....Are the documents we think are helping us infact enslaving us? If so then why are we here and how is it that this Anna Von Reitz is still trying to lead us into damnation. ANNA Before you go any further in leading to only God knows where and what I wish for you to come clean …...disclose to us that you will assume FULL liability if your freedom forms including Assumed Name are proven to be false fictitious misleading language... Will you take an Oath to all your followers that you are not an Agent and not misleading them? YES OR NO? If Yes I will send you a contract for your to sign and it will be made public. Please correct any MIS_TAKES in your freedom forms.

Good Boots please submit your argument against the Assumed Name form so we the people can discern fact from fiction. This MUST and WILL be SETTLED -- Truth and Trust go hand in hand and I say NO to UNCERTIANTY! Thank you JosieJuly 28, 2019 at 6:24 PM Anna , In other words if your forms are Correct and not misleading you will not have a issue backing these forms by signing a Notice of Liability Contract- THese terms will include a Fee Schedule of a Silver Dollar amount of "Our Choosing" Our - meaning everyone who has recorded your forms. If your instruction is Correct then you will be honored to sign the conditional Contract that will solidify your work, eliminate doubt and worry and remove any assumption that you are an Agent, which will save time debunk all those claiming you are not who you say you are. Anna You have taken on a role that unfortunately requires complete validation that you are not an AGENT. Most of the time when people unfamiliar with espionage ask about secret "agents" they really mean "officers" or "case officers". A member of the CIA, MI6 or KGB (now FSB) involved with espionage is properly referred to as an "officer". This is how the various spy agencies refer to their own employees who work with human intelligence. An agent is a source of human intelligence. Often times an agent is thought as an informant or really anyone who is able to gather intelligence for the officer.

Officers recruit agents. The two terms are very often confused. So strictly speaking - you probably won't spot a secret agent - but not because the agent was well trained in espionage, not because the agent was selected to fit in, not because of any reason other than the fact that espionage activity is relatively rare. In the United States, with a population of ~300 million - perhaps there are a couple of thousand agents at any given time working against the United States. An agent is selected because he/she may have access (or be near access) to critical information of interest to a foreign power. goodbootsJuly 28, 2019 at 10:00 PM Thank you! What you have done is exactly, EXACTLY what needs to be done. Josie and all, of course, I do not understand BAR English but I am happy to share my very, very serious concerns about anna's free forms and then we will all have an opportunity to have anna, hopefully, dismantle my concerns and set the record straight publicly. Everything I share is shared by me in utmost good faith. I do not want us to be hurt any longer, by anyone, and so, if I am wrong, I will gladly and humbly apologize. And will not mind eating a huge helping of crow! Josie, I know you specified the Assumed Names Cert, but since it is full of gobbldy g**k BAR language that I don't even understand, I will just deal with what I find illogical, unclear, contrary to what she or others i presently find credible have written/said, IMO: and I do want to say before even starting that what the Corporation has done is completely criminal and intentional and meant to completely destroy freedom and us, IMO. They have known it is criminal since 1933 and carried it out anyway by carrying out violence on us.

None of us should even have to be dealing with ANY of this. And finally and most importantly, to me: We Americans are ALL under lawful authority of the Declaration of Independence, NOT commerce or other. My grave concerns: 1. On the cover sheet Anna has people entering into a foreign known-criminal commercial jurisdiction and, without authority and on the record, taking control over property that belongs to someone/thing else: the constructed CQV trust that has our name on it. We are the beneficiary, not the owner of the CQV trust so we cannot just claim to be the GRANTOR granting the trust to a different Grantee... 2. then without proper authority, the people are issuing a Deed, which only an Officer of their private corporation can do; because it is in their jurisdiction and we aren't in it. We, Americans, don't have deeds in American traditional common law, we have land patents or other means of making land claims. 3. Then AFTER aaaaaall that, *THEN* we're Cancelling Powers of Attorney?!?! "What the *hell*?", I'm asking myself... This woman has us COMMITTING TRESPASS upon another jurisdiction and THEN removing their claim of authority? Didn't make any sense. Then she goes a step further and actually, AFTER committing trespass, actually becoming officers of the private, criminal, commer ial, corporation by becoming attorneys!!! which makes us a navy officer, if her info is correct! Now she has us in the Queen's Navy!

Unless I'm mistaken, we just got trafficked into: A. Commerce B. Being an Officer of their criminal corporation C. Becoming a Subject of their Queen D. Becoming a Citizen of their Corporation E. Becoming a Navy Officer. To me. It looks like we potentially have now just recorded, on and for the Public Record, that we are, perhaps, *EXACTLY* what they have always claimed we were: 1. In commerce 2. Voluntarily, a part of their Corportion (well, "you recorded it", didn't you,?) 3. A subject of their Queen. 4. A citizen of their Corporation 5. An Officer/ member in their "military". Trapped? Im going to have to stop for now, but Just real quickly: The info I have indicates we don't need to have an assumed name certificate because what your mother and father selected for your calling is protected in public through American traditional common law authority. When your parents told family, friends, and neighbors of your "*being*" part of their family, that was their "declaration" that you *belonged* to/with them..they announced your "calling":("name") publicly and everybody knew that referred to *you*. There was no confusion on the land and soil. The lying, designed confusion happens in commerce. Will finish later. Too much for one comment. Enough here to get started. Annie McShaneJuly 29, 2019 at 6:24 AM Goodboots: We the living are GRANTOR of all. Dead corporations can not GRANT, they can only steal the assets of the living through deception. We the living are First in line, first in time. Gifted trade name stolen by Corporations. Claim it back, by common law right. Canon Law 2057. Any constructive Trust created on presumption of Death must be collapsed on Proof of life. Cancel all previous powers of Attorney given without full disclosure of facts. Become Attorney -in-Fact for your ESTATE. We are each an Attorney (non BAR) and each a Private Banker. The whole Banking System runs on our signatures. Step up and function in your lawful capacity as Primary Creditor, Executor/Executrix of your Estate. Highest Office. Highest Court. If you can appoinot an Executor in your Will, who holds the office whIle you live? Learn! Step into that Office and watch your life change. CORPORATIONS have a man operating in the OFFICE OF LEGAL PERSON. the lowest office in the system. One with no rights at all. Lawful= [A]live LEGAL= DEAD BAR ATTORNEYS have authority over the DEAD.

If people don't understand the wording, get help. Anna is not forcing anyone to record any documents. Other people have the same information out there. Pay their membership fees and see the truth. I researched for several years before recording any documents. Anna gives a basic document and it can be made your own by adding to it. If you don't understand a word look it up. These BAR Attorneys have enslaved us with their deceptive language. It all goes back to definitions. Want to learn about Creditors and Debtors, Grantor/Grantee watch:High Frequency Radio Everything has to do with TRUST Law. If you don't understand (Stand under) the paperwork don't record it. No paperwork will help you if you are not able to stand on your own two feet and Govern yourself. I have had several positive outcomes since waking up. Correcting the Records is just a small part. People have to be willing to open their minds and wrap their heads around how banking works and br willing to reeducate themselves. In all fairness this post is a direct attack on Anna but I don't see any points actually indicating what may be incorrect with the Certificate of Assumed Name or the Grant and Deed of Trust. Please be specific before alleging Anna is some form of the Pied Piper leading people over the cliff. We are already slaves in this system if you choose to act the DEBTOR and since Probate of your Estate as a baby we are tied to their DEBTOR. What is wrong with cutting those ties and coming home and claiming our Bithright? Annie McShane On Delaware goodbootsJuly 29, 2019 at 8:38 AM PART 2 CORRECTION: "...AFTER committing trespass, actually becoming officers of the private..." SHOULD READ: "...AFTER committing trespass, actually *** has the people*** becoming officers of the private..." My apologies. .............. Continuing with my concerns that I hope have a logical, reasonable, applicable explanation: So, it looks to me like we just recorded ourselves as putting ourselves into the jurisdiction we think we are taking ourselves out of and (if my info is correct, and all the info I have found shows/indicates that it is): the papers we ourselves are recording now show us to be a part of their corporation (attorney)!

And now *WE* take the name that is our *calling*, naturally belonging to *us*, and WE (now a corporate "Attorney") claim "the name" (that corresponds our "calling") and make up that Assumed Name Certificate ourselves, and claim the name FOR THE CORPORATION!!!! since we are now Acting as its corporate Officer?? That is what it looks like to me. Because in the DeedofReConv we made ourselves Attorneys/ corp Officers.... Didn't we???? Yes, we did. So this, then, is fraud? Next, we do three *Acts*. My first question is now ALWAYS: "by what authority?" So, by what authority are these *Acts* being done? I was thinking only one of their corporate legislators could perform/commit *Acts*,...but maybe just anyone can... (But that doesn't make sense). So, what are we doing? Expatriating. Expatriating exactly WHAT?.... Is it a name that is being expatriated? A person? A citizen? Our property? Their property? Is it a Trust account? A fiction? Abandoned cargo? A merchant? A merchant Marine claimed to belonging to "theQuain/Pope"? A ship? An enemy? Exactly what are we removing from commerce and placing on our land and soil? Do we even want them? Those things are their property, not mine; they are *THEIR* creation, not mine.... Yeah, they are committing "identity theft", "credit embezzlement", and fraud using *MY* calling (name) to steal from *ME*, the living woman by having trafficked my calling and property into their foreign, criminal jurisdiction/authority, but do **I** really want to claim those dopplegangerthings they made up to commit their crimes upon and against me with? I don't think so.

They are NOT me or mine... They have nothing lawful to do with law-abiding me... Isn't one a pauper/debtor = criminal in their system? Isn't another one a debtor and a scoundrel and a criminal for having abandoned it's *TWIN*/responsibility/ "estate", having left the *TWIN*/placenta to the so-called "State" to care for it??.... Oh, or maybe that's that **other** twin, the twin who is presumed dead and lost at sea that the temple bar initiates (attorneys and "judges") genocided on paper when the *twin* was a few days old so they could pre"probate" the American son or daughters "estate" and transfer/convert it to the doppleganger for financial raping by temple bar members.... If my information is accurate. So what exactly are we doing? Are we now trespassing into their criminal corporation's legislative jurisdiction too, and committing Acts without authority to do so? What are we patriating? Are we patriating criminals to our land and soil? Are we responsible for bringing *their* lies and fraud and criminals and constructs and crimes to and upon our land and soil and permanently domiciling criminals, crimes and /or their fictions upon our land and soil where they don't belong?

Are we unknowingly and unintentionally acting as their corporate Officer (Attorney) (YES!) and then "signing" the Acts using our natural born capacity being a living man or woman? To me, the two don't mix. It's confusing. And spiritual law says: the living (me) cannot be mingled with the dead (the corps(es)) they created. Its an abomination. Continued to PART3 RogJuly 29, 2019 at 11:03 AM Goodboots, You are correct. Our given name plus family name-that format has been used for centuries by Men and Women, it is common tradition-existed before the birth event was recorded at the county and later registered at the commerce dept which created the "entity." The COLB is proof it comes first. John Henry Doe is NOT the same as JOHN HENRY DOE, they are as different as shoes and goats. When you bring JOHN HENRY DOE onto the land with the deed of conveyance and assumed name certificate, you are making a claim on the property of some one else and bringing their property, a commercial vessel and the admiralty/maritime law that governs it, onshore, the exact crime we are accusing them of committing!! Why would anyone do such a thing? Our bodies are the landed estate and are the value behind their system of paper. That makes us the Grantor. But in their system that is not the position you want to be in. Luckily, John Henry Doe is not the grantor in their system, JOHN HENRY DOE, infant decedent, human being, person, is. The only position a Man can hold in this system is that of an occupant of an office.

Only a Man can occupy an office. The very fact that you are occupying an office proves you are flesh and blood. You can occupy the office of citizen, which is a debtor/slave or you can occupy the office of Executor/beneficiary, the one who directs the affairs of the paper estate and is its beneficiary. Annie, explains it well below. David Clarence claims the BC is evidence of that office, among other things. The office of Executor is not in commerce, and only you, and your mom and dad if still alive, can occupy it. Our political status only matters if we choose to participate in the political society-government. If we choose not to participate we are its creator and are above it. But then again, these are criminals and will do what criminals do. josieJuly 29, 2019 at 1:12 PM Good boots, thank you for your examination what I believe to be Extremely Prudent Observations and concerns- will only lead to what we are entitled- "the whole truth and NO-THING but the TRUTH- So Help us YHVH! Mikers, stay calm Answers Are Near! Rog, you are a Genius! Anna Von Reitz " Self proclaimed Head of State and Fiduciary" Of what ?

WE don't know yet. Will you give testimony and produce uncorrupted evidence and accept liability to your claims and work being funneled through www. ?It appears you may be ---- Jumping ahead with more distraction topics in order to see if the majority will continue to follow/forgetting Present Major Issue- without validating your work this is denied! With all due respect, We the people - the many who are indeed conscious will not stop until you come clean. One way or another we are going to get the truth- for it is our duty to Discern to protect the - our fellow brothers and sisters- many of the covenant people who do not know what they do- due to massive deception and betrayal. Good Boots thank you for your service and we will all stay tuned for "Part Three" as we Await Anna Von Reitz TESTIMONY and chance to clear her name. goodbootsJuly 31, 2019 at 11:29 AM I just spent over an hour entering PART THREE and when I was done and just proofreading through it, the images on this smartphone started "moving" like upwards and the entire comment was wiped out. genevieveJuly 31, 2019 at 11:43 AM AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH! Gee, I've never had THAT happen. ;) goodbootsJuly 31, 2019 at 12:43 PM There is a lot going on here! The people who have stolen from the American people are up the creek without a paddle. I'm going to go get done what I need to do today and will be back tonight to finish, if necessary. But basically, for the "PART THREE", I just went over why the Cancellation of PRIOR powers of attorney, effective the nativity day, does not work. The other main thing was that being an Executor, GRANTOR, Trustee or having an "estate" are all in their jurisdiction. I don't want a position or office in their jurisdiction and I don't want an "estate". I just want my property back from the criminals who stole it from me... The corporation and its officers.

I, myself, I certainly do not want to make myself an officer of their criminal corporation and take control of their property (the trust). It is full of stolen property. Mine. Their property, the trust, that they put a name on that is similar to my calling/name is the container they created to hold the property they stole from me. I want them to open the container themselves (it belongs to them) and take my property out of their container and deliver it back to me, lawfully. I don't have to become an officer of their criminal corporation in their jurisdiction to get my stuff, or to control it, or use it. It belongs to me and they "unlawfully converted"/stole it. I'm not going to join them in controlling stolen property. See how they do this? They stole it. It's stolen property they are trafficking. They are trafficking "pirated"/other property, including my physical body that they *have* no and have *shown* absolutely no lawful right to claim. Instead, I'm lawfully in MY lawful authority telling them (making a lawful claim, with proof(s) of claim) to give me back what they stole and to also deliver to me all the gain, increase, and enrichment they made off of the unauthorized use of my property. What I've just said is redundant, but the way they have spun this deceit kind of necessitates looking at the fraud from as many different angles as possible even if it seems repetitive.... There are an unbelievable and seemingly endless number of deceptions within other deceptions.

To me, it is as close to anything 'purely evil' as I have ever encountered. The other main concern was recording the "Mandatory Notice and Notice of Liability". Reiterating: If we made ourselves Officers in their corporation, then we cannot claim what is claimed in that document. To me, we would *possibly* only be claiming all that if we were agreeing to trade our natural "status" for the bonds, insurances policies, etc....... We need lots of "heads put together" to get all of this nailed down. I hope that no matter how it turns out with annamarias answers, that Paul will continue to leave this blog open so we can all work together with the Department of Justice to either get our property released or get access to the contents of the trusts, which contents belong to us, the people. JosieJuly 31, 2019 at 7:14 PM GoodBoots, I don't think anyone, especially Anna cares about our concerns or is going to answer, all have moved ahead with the Lizzards and assumption that we are now snakes fish or dinosaurs " Or something to that effect" If you think about it this is how the evil is able to forge ahead after they tread on us. We have been left behind with no rebuttals, this forum is not what I would call a good place to get answers.. SOOOOOO we need to have a private meeting, Contact me at your earliest convenience so I can fill you in.

[email protected] goodbootsAugust 1, 2019 at 8:21 PM Josie, "I don't think anyone, especially Anna cares about our concerns or is going to answer, all have moved ahead with the Lizzards and assumption that we are now snakes fish or dinosaurs " Hilarious! Move 'em from: 1.actual physical people to 2.fiction "persons/offices" to 3.hobgoblins and reptiles!!?? Too funny. Well anyway, yes, I can understand why Annamaria might perhaps actually not want to put the answers to our questions and "probes" into print and to publish them here on Paul's blog. That would be especially true if there is any kind of intentionally misleading info contained in the free basic packet...and of course I'm not saying that there *is*... I'm just saying that (for an example) having TWO Cancellations of POA is very, VERY highly irregular. And she might have difficulty explaining it. It might just seem to be easier to ignore the questions and go on with leading people on to fish bird alligator-origin speculations!! HOWEVER, IT SIMPLY MUST BE EXPLAINED. I'm pretty sure that Paul S. will see the necessity of that! He certainly seems to me to be quite an honorable and intelligent and stable and upstanding man. My *guess* is he will want to know why there are *TWO* Cancellations of POA, too, when it has been brought to his attention, plus all of the other questions are not at all frivolous, but are very on-point and in-line with the documents apparent purpose. And also, if Annamaria has people out here recording Cancellations of their POAs that were in place *PRIOR* to their nativity (since there probably weren't any) then when same people take those records into the corporate tribunals, those very records will be used/can be used to show that the man or woman is incompetent!!!!! And used to support the tribunals false claim of incompetence.

This is could get to be a verrrrry sticky situation. I do not think that Paul would ever entangle himself knowingly in something like that. Annamaria is not looking so credible when she will not publish answers to our questions in print. ...... I don't have email,... Long story. The (non-church) "ministry" phone number I'm going to be using is 913-406-0339. I haven't been answering it unless I know the incoming number, so, if you do decide you want to call me, I had mikers just leave the first number of his area code and also of his exchange and then Also the last three digits of his number so I could recognize his call. I will check back to see if you've left your numbers. Hope we can talk soon! goodbootsAugust 1, 2019 at 8:25 PM , I WILL CALL YOU THIS WEEKEND TO TOUCH BASE. goodbootsAugust 1, 2019 at 8:35 PM Offices, trustees, estates, trusts are FICTION! They are in COMMERCE, not common law! People, men, women, sons, daughters, land, homes, states/ conditions/(their word: "statuses") rights, property, gold, silver/other are actual physical things or things found in nature and so are NOT FICTION/COMMERCE but belong on the land and soil and are under American traditional common law authority, NOT commerce. goodbootsAugust 1, 2019 at 9:01 PM Hi Rog, Executor is an OFFICE, so it is FICTION!!! Litmus Test for FICTIONS: "Is it found in nature?" Ex: Is beneficiary found in nature? No. Is Trustee? No. Trust? No.

And so forth. So, they are FICTIONS! If it is from nature or found in nature, it is under our, the peoples' authority, called of course, common law for the living people on the land and soil. Americantradcomlaw's basis is the laws of nature and also over that, the laws of natures creator. It is the superior authority over all other man-made authorities, including commerce and also military. THIS IS BASED ON ANCIENT, ANCIENT JUST AND HONORABLE LAW, going thousands of years back,not only bible. Reply Anna von Reitz, My Reply to More Questions --- Purportedly from Flag Officers 10 comments: VetoOctober 10, 2019 at 11:37 PM The only constitutional statuses are US citizen, State citizen, and American national. All come with contractual obligations and privileges. There is really no such thing as national, state national. Private law for remedy is from the beginning of the country. Read the contracts and real status, standing, character, condition and capacity and jurisdiction, venue and law form utilized therein. Reply Replies Chef-doctor JemichelOctober 11, 2019 at 6:13 AM Does "constitutional" include The Articles of Confederation? ......... If so then is the "free inhabitant" also a status that is based on: "the free inhabitants of each of these States ... shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizens in the several States"? ......... Thank You! - goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 11, 2019 at 9:15 AM Very helpful information Veto. Thank you so much! "The only constitutional statuses are US citizen, State citizen, and American national." This makes all of those statuses: 1. CONTRACTUAL statuses; 2. that have to be entered into lawfully under LAWFUL CONTRACT; 3. which did not happen (for most of us). And further, the Constitution is only a *CLAIMED* contract.

It was not ratified by the people whose consent is necessary and so, it does not pertain to, and cannot lawfully be applied to, the living people on the actual land and soil. And it was not PASSED either. That gives IT the status ONLY of a *CLAIMED* contract with no actual proof of claim yet entered into the Public Records. Ever. That is, apparently, why it is said to have been "ADOPTED". But you can't "ADOPT" a contract! lol!! Contracts have to be willingly ENTERED INTO!! And you certainly can't ADOPT a contract "for" someone else. Most especially not when the contract you say you are ADOPTING "for" them makes them a SLAVE...YOURS!! This is the kind of nincompoopism we are dealing with. These are the nincompoops who want to tell you what you can and can't do, when,where,andhow, who you are, how much of your own private property you *get* to use...and so forth,...oh! and "charge" you for their "services". (I was not calling *you* a nincompoop Veto.) Anyway, this so-called "ADOPTED" contract, "the Constitution", would only be with our, the peoples', lawfully-ratified federal States of the Union (Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union) and NOT AT ALL a PRIVATE COMMERCIAL CONTRACT with us, the *people* who are living men and women! (They knew this! Which is why they had to come up with the Birth Certificate scam and other scams. They know we are sovereigns-in-fact. (...and-in law and -in nature.) ) And here's why: We, the living, cannot contract with the dead-- which the corporations or monarchies and so forth are. They are all dead FICTIONS. We need an intermediary and that intermediary is our Confederated States of the Union. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 11, 2019 at 9:43 AM The living and the dead cannot be mingled. We, the living, need an intermediary to stand between us, in order to deal with dead entity corporations; and that intermediary standing between us is the lawfully-ratified States of the Confederated Union that our grandfathers created that still stands today and has never been dissolved.

I am convinced that our precious grandfathers and mothers knew EXACTLY what they were doing and EXACTLY who they were dealing with! Read the mid-section of the DeclarofIndep, it sounds almost exactly like what is going on today! They knew what we were going to be faced with today because they were being put through it then AND THEY PUT ALL OF OUR RIGHTS, STATUSES, AND PROPERTY into an AMERICAN (not English/British /Roman/ Ecclesiastical/ Municipal/ Land/ Soil/Air/ Water/ Military//Commercial /Contractual/ CQV/ or other) Trust, but into an AMERICAN traditional common law trust for us, to protect us; and that is the Declaration of Independence THAT CANNOT BE TOUCHED BY FICTIONS, "Royalty", other common law or Common Law or any other venues, authorities, pervues, "jurisdictions"/other; by Foreign Sovereigns or sovereigns --whether in or out of nature, law, fact, or other; or any others; and is solely and exclusively within the lawful pervue/authority of the true and living, lawful American state nationals from whose own inherent authority it lawfully stands forever. May our blessed grand mothers and fathers rest in peace forever in our creator's divine presence. And so it is.

Reply JoelOctober 10, 2019 at 11:41 PM Anna you embarrass yourself by responding to people (the Flags) who are so lacking in specific knowledge of the history and laws of the nation, please do not lower yourself to answering statements that are so loose and lacking substance that they are foolish on their face and in the rambling confusions of their statements. They are acting as distraction plants of some outside interlopers. Reply AndrewOctober 10, 2019 at 11:56 PM Anna you lied about the Continental Marshals - you claimed they were up and running in every state, This is not true. You claimed they were sinking their teeth into many criminalities and working with the defector Sheriffs etc.. This is not true. Why do have to lie and inflate everything as if your going to be reprimanded or lose self acclaimed Tokyo Fiduciary Rose status?. Its just not lady like to lie when we are dealing with the cost of human lives and Country. Reply PinkhamOctober 11, 2019 at 1:06 AM Folks, we all have our imperfections, but Anna has tons of knowledge in Laws.

Everybody assumes and presumes all the time, every day. Reply Happy camperOctober 11, 2019 at 4:39 AM Phil Hudock is challenging and won award for the way the corporation managers are mismanaging the trust to which we are parties (beneficiaries) to. Their "contract" applies to him and each one of us American inhabitants, personally. Quit making it a legalese issue, Anna. Only men and women can write and enforce these agreements. But let's get on to more useful subjects than flag officers, like Z-tag enforcement, and how discharging debt works, and exactly why we must pass through a documentary gauntlet. "Are your papers in order?" (Said the brown-shirt.) Otherwise, like Ecclesiastes said, "All is vanity." Reply Replies JasunOctober 11, 2019 at 7:11 AM Happy Camper I agree onZ-tag enforcement & how discharging debt works. Add how to get our Alodiall (spelling?) titles to Auto and Land? goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 11, 2019 at 7:37 AM Jasun, You might check out: Allodial Titles are still Titled "res"/things and, therefore, are still attached to the "King" having a Title in them. (?) I'm pretty sure but not positive, that what we will want is our Land Patents since we are sovereigns-in-fact and -in-law and are Foreign Sovereigns to all "Kings" and others. I have not yet done a deep dive into this info, so, as I said, not sure, but that is what I have in my 'scribble notes' that I want to look further into. If you research this, would you please share your info? Thanks!

Anna published on the public record an instruction titled 'Land Grab" Here as i understand it she is not helping us gain rightful ownership to our land as free men and wemon but transferring it from one false entity/flag/fiduciary to another (hers). We are free yet they are still treating us as if we are slaves being transferred from one slave owner to the next without full disclosure and without consent. (Maybe because we are still acting as slaves).? In my view, Anna want us to believe she is doing us a great service by volunteering herself ( without our consent to be our leader/Governor/Fiduciary/Head of state. NO Way- I vote her out because as one of the people i never voted her in. She is trying to build a government without deriving its just power from the consent of the governed/people; How is this any more than being transferred form one slave owner/ Tyrannical Government/ Satanic Government/British Oligarchy/ Vatican/Holy SEE to the next self proclaimed slave owner? If she was voted in to represent our people and our country she would have to be willing and be able to demon straight her full support of the "Declaration of Independence and must give full disclosure of all she claims to be doing , proof of these claims and all she claims to have already done on behalf of the people , and finally she would have to be willing to pledge her life, fortune, and sacred honor just like the like the 56 Men (soldiers of true God) who were driven, endowed, and Governed by their Creator, my creator YAHWEH! In every stage of our Oppressions and enslavement as Gods People we have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble Terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injury. Therefore let us gather togeather in great numbers and put faith in NO Man or Woman for We cannot and shall not serve two Masters. To be continued.......

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