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American Service Alliance

Country United States
State California
City Burbank
Address 263 W Olive Ave #178,
Phone 855-400-0085

American Service Alliance Reviews

  • Jun 12, 2017

When your appliance or HVAC fails most likely you go online and look for services to repair it. Majority of people look at listings of highly rated companies and dont even bother investigating prior to calling for a technician. And this is what ASA (American Service Alliance) exploits to get the desperate customers to call THEM. They probably have over hundred of companies by now listed as 5 star companies on various reputable networks like Yelp and the like. So which ever company you click on you most likely will land on their page and end up calling them. Although it's not illegal to branch out into various company names. The way they rip off customers and continue to screw people up is a criminal felony offense! Eugene Kupnis (the alleged owner) and Suzie Kupnis are wannabe show runners. They believe the companies belong to them, because most companies from ASA are registered on Eugene Kupnis. However the real head of the mafia is Sardor Umirdinov. He mentors Eugene.

This is how they operate: when a customer calls in it goes directly to their call center in phillipines where the calls get filtered. The cheap customers are told that the company is too busy etc to get them off the shoulders, but when it's a zillow high valued address they send a "qualified" tech to rip the customer off. He rips them off by naming the problem that's not there and if customer doesnt realize it's a ripoff they're charged at least 60% of the cost of the actual appliance. Some buy it, but some become skeptical. who are customers going to call for the second opinion?!? The same ASA but under a different name. It doesn't matter to the company because they keep getting new calls all the time and have over 40 technicians (or sales agents) now to cover them. Most techs dont realize they're being used. They perhaps believe this is how we do it in this country. Rip each other off.

I'm a former tech for the company and I was ambushed by Eugene Kupnis (slanderer) as if I stole money from the company although its all the way around. He and his emaciated wife were lying to me that there is a straw in the wind, as if every cloud has a silver lining they would promise things that never happened. So I left the company. Later I found out Eugene was defaming me to all employees that I stole and I was fired; hence I wanted to let the word out that it's not true! I was ambushed and whoever screwed me in the past all went to the dogs! As they should. If you have problems with them report to: Bureau of appliance & electronics Department of consummer affairs BBB and the like authorities. If you're former employee and disnt get paid comtact to Labour commissioner, EDD, and Board of Equalization.

The American Service Alliance Phone numbers that I know so far are: 888-974-4662 855-400-0085 855-400-0084 All "5 Star Service" invoices - if a technician gives you an invoice that has "5 star service" name on it - it's them! Majority of highly rated companies listed in California, Arizona, Washington, Florida and New York, are possibly them: Here are some example names they go by - American Service Alliance E Appliance Repair E-Appliance arepair Orange Appliance Repair West Hollywood Appliance Repair Hollywood Appliance Repair Viking Appliance Repair (Phoenix) Sub Zero Repair (Phoenix) Appliance Repair Phoenix (3 listed so far) San Diego Appliance Masters Big Daddy Appliance Repair (AZ) Elite Appliance Repair (San Diego) LG&Samsung Appliance Repair (San Diego) Wolf & Sub Zero Repair (San Diego) Orange Appliance Repair Repair Twist of Pasadena Newport Beach Repair Inc. Appliance Solutions (Brea, CA) Costa Mesa Appliance Repair (Orange County) Thermador Appliance Masters (Orange County) Whittier Appliance Squad Appliance Solutions Tustin Quick Repair Sunset Appliance Repair Century City Appliance Repair

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