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American Heartland Insurance Company

Country United States
State Illinois
City Skokie
Address 5700 Old Orchard Rd
Phone 847-583-4600

American Heartland Insurance Company Reviews

  • Jul 13, 2018

My daughter was rear-ended by a client of American Heartland Insurance. An accident report was filed. She was told by American Heartland Insurance to take the car to an assessor to look at the damage. The hours for this facility were so limited that it was nearly impossible for a working person to do this. (Middle of the day for a brief time and only certain days.)

The paperwork was enormous, but it was all completed and submitted. She was told she now had to wait up to three months for the client to respond. Never heard anything more. After three months, we acted and called to find out the status of our claim. We were told that they were looking into it. Did not hear anything for two days and at that point we decided (after waiting the said three months) we would call every day. On the second call we were told that our claim was denied because of noncooperation from the insured. We asked for proof of noncooperation, the claim was made by American Heartland Insurance that they had proof of noncooperation, but they would not share it.

Is that really how insurance is done? Is that legal? My guess is that American Heartland dropped the client when a claim was made against them and then used it as an excuse to say that they would not pay because the client was not cooperating.

Many reviews of this company seem to indicate that this is happening to other people.

  • Oct 13, 2017

I don't know why or how this company exist? They NEVER return phone calls, letters or faxes. Everytime I am assigned a claim, and I need to speak with the adverse adjuster name Marc McEwing (847-583-4600 X 5412), I know that he will NEVER EVER return your phone calls; even if I call him every single day for months, the guy doesn't retur n phone calls.

I am starting to think that Marc McEwing is a figament of American Hearland's imagination. When you listen to his voice mail, it states, that if he is not there to call his assistant Laura at 847-583-4600 X 5315. Why does this guy have an assistant when she doesn't return phone calls either. I would love to work for this company; do nothing and get a paycheck. How do I apply?

  • Apr 20, 2017

American Heartland Insurance and insurance adjuster Carlos Cordero failed to read and comprehend a police report submitted after an accident where their insured was 100% at fault for running a red light. The collision occured to my front passenger side and her driver side rear due to the turn of the intersction and both of us swerving to avoid a complete T-bone. The insured admitted to being 100% at fault in the signed police report and Carlos stated that because of the location of the damage, I am 30% liable for not taking more "corrective" action. Even with the insured admitting 100% fault, I was told that I would not be fully reimbursed unless a court action was obtained.

The manner in which this company operates is the epitome of bureaucratic low rated insurers that exist not to protect their insured but to profit based on arcane legalities. Additionally, after waiting 3 weeks to receive an answer on getting my car reparied, I was told that two days of my car rental would not be covered, even at his pro-rated rate, due to his investigation not being complete before I took the car for repair.

American Heartland Insurance should be investigated for their suspect at best practices by the Illinois Department of Insurance.

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